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Partnership research at TSE is undertaken within the TSE-Partnership Foundation (TSE-P), which operates under the aegis of the TSE - Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation.

TSE-P is a platform designed to connect researchers and professors, from the University Toulouse 1 Capitole and, other research institutions in economics, and partners (public and private economic agents) to explore new areas of research, to improve the relevance of research for the world of economics and to provide new means for carrying out such research.

Our ambition is to produce leading international research, in collaboration with partners, and thus contribute to the academic excellence of the TSE - Foundation Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation and the University Toulouse 1 Capitole.


  • Address key economic and social issues: our researchers' work leads to a better understanding of the economic forces and institutions that govern the world we live in. We strive to develop an innovative culture grounded in real-world issues.
  • Contribute to public debate: we aim at bringing academic insights to practitioners to help businesses, NGOs, governmental bodies and regulatory institutions address societal challenges.

TSE-P is governed by an Executive Committee and managed by a Director, supported by his team.

  • Yassine LEFOUILI, TSE-P Director and Associate Professor, University Toulouse 1 Capitole
  • Jean TIROLE, TSE-P Scientific Director

Members of the Executive Committee:

  • Bernard BELLOC, TSE-P Executive Commitee President 
  • Pierre CARLI, Former Chairman of the Board of Caisse d'Epargne Midi-Pyrénées
  • Hugues KENFACK, Head of the University Toulouse 1 Capitole
  • Georges MOLINS-YSAL, Professor Emeritus, University Toulouse 1 Capitole
  • Pierre MONSAN, Professor Emeritus, INSA Toulouse
  • Christian PONCET, Chairman and CEO of IRDI
  • Patrick REY, Professor, University Toulouse 1 Capitole

The main objective of the thematic centers is to foster research activities and to showcase academic outputs at TSE in a thematic area.
These centers are created around wide, overreaching topics with the scope to cover a range of industrial and policy issues affecting society at all levels.

As of today, six thematic centers are up and operational:


We are extremely grateful to our partners for their support. Whether directed towards TSE thematic centers or other projects or initiatives, their support contributes to the development of innovative research on emerging economic issues.

Main Donors


Research project sponsors

Former partners 

  • Accor; Amundi; Axa; Caisse des dépôts et Consignations; Nokia; SACD; SACEM; Société Générale

Synergies between academics and partners have played a significant role in the creation of TSE and in its development ever since. Partnership research serves both academics and partners today too. It enables partners to build a privileged relationship with a team of researchers and to encourage independently conducted and validated research on issues of their own. Partnership research also adds a new dimension to academic research, by directly confronting academics with the real-world issues that private or public decision-makers need to address.
Collaborations within the framework of partnership research can take different forms, such as support to a thematic research center, the creation of a research chair and other types of specific research initiatives.
TSE-P as well as TSE can sign various types of agreements with its partners (most of the time gift agreements, but not exclusively).

Join our community of partners and help us develop economic knowledge for the common good!

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