TSE offers three tracks of masters:

The Master's degree offer is organised in three tracks, over two years:

The choice of the master's degree in the first year must be part of an early reflection about students’ career plans, as it then integrates different options open in the second year among which students choose their application fields, the Doctoral track being part of this set of choices with any1st year Master's programs (international or standard). This rule obviously concerns students entering the school at Master 1 level or before, and not external students applying and accepted at Master 2 level. 

    International graduate program

    Located in the South of France, TSE offers masters in economics fully taught in English. 

    In the 1st year, TSE offers two international track master's degrees that prepare students for the second year.  

    In the 2nd year students can choose to specialize in various fields.


    • This international master's program also offers: 
    • Project management courses and other practical courses
    • Full careers service
    • French language classes
    • Math camp
    • Welcome pack (airport pick-up, housing orientation, administrative formalities, etc.)

    Graduate program

    The following masters program is partially taught in French (C1 level required) and in English (C1 level required).

    Master in Economics

    First year

    Master 1 Mention économie

    Second year

    M2  Economie appliquée

    M2 mention Finance (taught in English)

    Master 2 Economic Theory and Econometrics (ETE)

    Master in Econometrics  & Statistics

    First year

    Master 1 Mention Econométrie  et Statistique
    - Voie Econométrie et Statistique appliquées
    - Voie Mathématiques de la Décision

    Second year

    Master 2 Mention Statistique et Econométrie (OPEN IN 2021-2022)

    Track in Economics and Law

    First year

    Master 1 Economie et Droit

    Second year

    Master 2 Economie et Droit de la concurrence


    Doctoral program

    The TSE doctoral program is modeled on the top American universities. The first year is dedicated to the Master 2 ETE that provides rigorous and original courses. For students who continue towards a PhD degree, there is a second year of specialization to help them write their dissertation and prepare their future researcher career. At the end of the second year, they obtain the "DEEQA" (Diplôme Européen d'Economie Quantitative Approfondie).

    The TSE Doctoral School is a member of a European network of doctoral schools, ENTER.

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    Doctoral Path 

    First year

    Master 2 Economic Theory and Econometrics (ETE)

    Second year





    TSE also offers a range of open and distance learning courses taught in French (available at BAC +3)