Frequently asked questions

Admission for newcomers

1/ Foreign students/foreign diploma

To apply for a 1st year (licence): International Relations office (

Except for European countries: please see “Admission Post Bac” website:

To apply for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th year (Licence and Master): TSE Admission office (

Even if you apply via Campus France, you must apply in parallel directly through the school.

Please see our website in the “admission section"

2/ Tuition fees and registration fees (approximatively)

Undergraduate level (Licence): 180€/year for registration fees

Graduate level (Master), standard track and doctoral track:  ca. 250€/year for registration fees

Graduate level (Master), international track:  5500€/year for tuition fees at + ca. 250€ for registration fees

In addition, for each level, every student must pay social security charges (ca. 210€). In some European countries, you can obtain an extension of your health care and be exempted to pay for it in France.

There is no application fees.

3/ What is included in the 5500€ of tuition fees?

-       Project management courses + other practical courses (e.g. professional development courses in small groups)

-       Full careers service

-       French language classes

-       Math camp

-       Welcome package (Toulbox) to help you to prepare your arrival in Toulouse (accommodation, pick up at the Airport, French classes, administrative procedures, etc)


4/ Mathematics requirements

Please note that we are specialized in mathematical economics, micro and macro-economics and econometrics. A high level in mathematics is required.

5/ Language of instruction

Licence 1st, 2nd, 3rd year: 100% French language (B2 required) (in Licence 3rd year, there are few courses taught in English)

Master 1st year, standard track: 70% English language and 30% French language (C1 required for both languages)

Master 1st year, international track: 100% English language (C1 required)

Master 2nd year, doctoral track: 100% English language (C1 required)

Master 2nd year, international track: 100% English language (C1 required)

Is TOEFL compulsory for all applicants?

No, you are exempted if you are a native speaker or if you validate a degree (at least two years) in an English speaking country.

TOEFL is appreciated (90/120 score min), but IELTS (7.0/10 min) or Cambridge Advanced Certificate (C1 or advanced level) are also accepted.

6/ GRE = Graduate Record Examination

There is no minimum score defined. A scanned copy of your results can be joined to your application file. Usually, for your information, admitted students have over 165 for the quantitative part of the test.

This test is compulsory if you apply with a foreign diploma.

7/ Recommendation letters

The letters can be sent directly by mail by your referees to the dedicated address:

They must write your name and file number in the subject of the email.

8/ Deadlines

We won’t be able to take into consideration any document submitted after the deadline.

9/ French student’s living expenses (monthly)

Between 200 and 600€: room or flat

150€: food

100€: extra activities, school supplies

10/ Toulbox

Lots of different services to help you to prepare your arrival in Toulouse.

Please see the website:

A special package “ALL IN TSE” is offered by the school for each new student registered in a Master’s programme, international track. The Toul’box team will contact you in June.

11/ Choice of tracks

I am a TSE Master 1 student. Could I apply for a M2 international track if I am currently following a M1 standard track? 
Yes, you can but note that a C1 level in English is required for admission to attend the internationla track. Moreover, it will cost 5500€ for the tuition fees.

12/ Admission in M2 if I am already a TSE student (in M1)

Do I have to apply via eCandidatures again to enter a M2 program?  
No, you don't. The teaching committee will admit you in one of our M2 programs, taking into consideration your preference order, your ranking (grades) and your English level if necessary (for admission in international track)

13/ Doctoral track

Economic theory and econometrics (ETE) is the Master 2 you have to follow if you want to pursue a PhD at TSE.

The other M2 programs allow you either to pursue PhD programs in other universities or to start a professional career, as an economist in a company for instance.

14/ Do I need to send my application material by Post?

If you are abroad, you can send your application material by mail. Please be careful with the quality of scanned documents.

15/ Could we start the program in January?

No, programs (“Licence” and “Master”, as well) start in September only.

For Master programs, preliminary courses (mathematics and French language) start in August.

16/ Applications deadlines

  • November for Eiffel Scholarships candidates (foreign applicants only)
  • January for Master 2 in Economic Theory and Econometrics for applicants with a foreign degree
  • February for candidates with a foreign degree (other master applications)
  • May for bachelor and master candidates  with a French degree