A privileged location in the South-West of France

Toulouse enjoys a privileged geographical location with its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees. The school is based in the former Tobacco Factory between the Garonne and the Canal de Brienne, near the city’s historical center (a few minutes’ walk from the Place du Capitole).


A campus with all the necessary tools for a quality education:

  • Lecture halls
  • Libraries
  • Lunchrooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Wifi access within the whole campus
  • Computer rooms 
  • Multimedia Languages Laboratories

Please note that the research center has moved to 1, Esplanade de l'université Toulouse but courses are always at the Manufacture des tabacs, 21 Allée de Brienne Toulouse, France.


Department of economics of Toulouse Capitole University

It is governed by an independent Administration board and an educational council.
The administration board is composed of representatives of the educational and administrative teams, an elected student, and decision-makers (in companies and local administrations).

Governing Body

It is in charge of the administrative, educational and financial autonomy of the School. It defines the educational programs within the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole policy. It approves the annual School budget, the content of the educational programs, the school’s educational policy and the creation of new classes as well as the creation & development of the school’s internal rules. 
It is made up of 14 people: 

  • 8 academic staff representatives
  • 1 administrative staff representative  
  • 1 student representative
  • 6 outside members
  • and invited members

The academic and administrative representatives are elected for four university years. The student representative is elected for two years. 
The president of the governing body (an external member) is elected for 3 years.

Educational Council

Its mission is to put in action the School’s strategy and to follow the day to day management of activities. It is consulted before each meeting of the governing body. 
It is made up of: 
The Dean of the School
The Bachelor’s and Master’s program Directors
The director of the PhD School
Three elected students enrolled on a course of the school (elected for 2 years)
A representative from a Toulouse secondary school
The chief of service of the School’s registrar’s office

The school is also managed by: 

  • The Dean of the School
  • The Director of the PhD School
  • The General Secretary
  • The Bachelor and Master program Directors

Good to know

School and Admission

The School and Admission Department is now located at the new building of Toulouse School of Economics

1, Esplanade de l'université

31000 Toulouse 

Just a few meters on foot from the Place St Pierre and about 700 meters from the Manufacture des Tabacs (couses campus)

Fall 2021-22

  • Licence 1 et Licence 2 : September 2nd, 2021
  • 3rd year Bachelor - Start of courses: September 1st, 2021
  • 3rd year Bachelor and Master Welcome Day and Master Start of courses: September 6th, 2021

Key dates

  • Admissions : from November to March for foreign students (see Admissions section)
  • Infosup : From Monday 29 November to Wednesday 1st December 2021 (virtual fair)
  • OPEN DAY TSE: February 2022 
  • Business Networking day: 26th November 2021
  • Gradudation ceremony: 27th November 2021

Academic Calendar


Interested in practicing sport at the university? 
For more information, have a look at the University website.

Practical guides

Several guides are available for students arriving to the school and moving to Toulouse:


Toul'Box is a device to help students and researchers, both French and international, to anticipate their arrival and settling in Toulouse. The services offered by the Toul'Box are structured in thematic packages. Some are free, others are paying services and they cover: migration formalities (visas), administrative, housing assistance, language training, reception procedures and cultural integration. From simple information to the capacity to anticipate and accomplish initiatives, the range of services offered is wide and modular. The Toul'Box allows the following up and support of students and researchers throughout their stay.

To learn more,
Watch the video:

Online services

  • Digital work Environment: Students at the Toulouse Capitole University can access emails, timetable, online courses, internship agreement, ...using the  "ENT" (Environnement Numérique de Travail = digital work environment) "monespace" with your Sesame Id and password.
  • Internships and jobs offers: they are made available to students and alumni on the alumni website
  • Facebook Group - TSE Careers: join the TSE Careers Facebook Group. A lot of information will be shared (internships, professional development, events etc.) and you will know in real time the news of this office.
  • Moodle: Moodle is the online educational educational platform of the University, which is accessible online. It is an exchange platfom with your teachers, and also offers work group activities. Find out more about how using Moodle

Past exam papers

Past exam papers are available on the library web site (in French).

Very dynamic students associations

The association "Bureau des élèves" (BDE)

It aims at fostering integration and inter-student relations at TSE. The association organizes parties, weekend breaks or longer trips. TSE students can also share ideas with the association's board...Don't hesitate to make suggestions!


The TSEconomist is a magazine produced and designed by TSE students. Students publish this magazine to help develop its readers’ critical thinking skills and connect researchers, TSE Alumni, and the school’s students, bringing the TSE Community together around debates on major social issues.

Say it aloud TSE

This association is the TSE students forum for debate. It aims at promoting the open-minded and eclectic ideas at TSE. To achieve this goal this association organizes some debates between TSE students and lots of conferences on many topics held by highly-qualified speakers.


This association is in charge of organizing sport activities for TSE students.

Junior Etudes

TSE Junior Études is a student economic consulting firm. TSE Students use their extensive knowledge in statistics, econometrics, finance and economy to conduct studies for companies and institutions, and to help implement projects.

Women in Economics at TSE

Women in Economics at TSE is a new association dedicated to building community among women and fostering a more inclusive environment in economics and at TSE.

Ready to share

The school is proud to present its student ambassadors for the academic year 2019-2020.

Our ambassadors have been chosen to represent the school during outside events. They are also passing information to TSE students during the year.

This year, our ambassadors are :

  William Arnaud - Bachelor in Economics (3rd year)

"It is a pleasure to become a student ambassador because I will have the opportunity to help students or future students for their orientation choices, and try to share my experience."


Margaux Gabriel - Master in Economics and Law (1st year)

"TSE is an international school which offers high quality multidisciplinary teachings. There is also the possibility of doing a Gap year which will allow me to develop my professional experience through an internship, and to travel to Europe."

Sebastian Bucelea - Bachelor in Economics (3rd year)

"After having finished high school, I began studying engineering. I found out quickly that this domain didn’t suit me and my set of skills, so I decided to change for scientific studies applied in human and social sciences. As an ambassador I would like to help students to make the best choice for their future studies." 


Lyne Chahed - Master in Economics - Standard track (1st year)

"After my Bachelor, I had the amazing opportunity to take an academic gap year at the City University of London and I am now willing to work on public policies and development economics issues. As I have been part of diverse student associations, especially about classical music, I genuinely wish to be involved in the School’s life and to share everything TSE has to offer!


Julie Wright - Master in Economics and Law - Standard track (1st year)

"I chose TSE and in particular this double degree because the acquisition of a legal culture and knowledge in economics seems to me to be fundamental to understand the issues that we find in regulatory authorities, organizations where I would like to work. By being an ambassador, my goal is to bear witness to my experience, to give you the keys to making an informed choice in your post-baccalaureate orientation, all while promoting TSE's values loud and clear."

Xavier Bonilla - Master in Econometrics and Statistics (1st year)

"I decided to be a student ambassador to share my experiences and advices to other students and/or future students. TSE is a great place to study and to meet people from all over the world so I really am grateful for the opportunities presented to me thanks to the university."

Lucie Ludjan - Master in Economics (1st year)

"TSE aims at reaching pedagogical excellence while giving every student a chance. It aims to train qualified economists in analytical and quantitative economics. I am proud to be an ambassador to share with you everything the school has to offer; its associative life, events and all its opportunities. "


Camille Luis - Master in Empirical Economics and Econometrics (2nd year)

"I decided to apply to the master’s degree in Economics at TSE, because of its reputation and also because I wanted to specialize in quantitative methods. I wanted to be involved in student life for my last year of studies and to have the opportunity to advise future TSE students" 


Clara Bourillon - Bachelor in Economics and Law (3rd year)

"Studying law was an obvious choice for me - I have been committed to the values of justice since my childhood - however Economics was rather a challenge! However, there are so many areas that require both skills (competition, intellectual property,  environment) that I did not hesitate. Impossible to get bored!"


Any questions to ask to our ambassadors?

Please feel free to contact them, they will be happy to share their TSE experience with you and give you a piece of advice!