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2023 Activity Report – Research Partnerships

Read and discover in-depth research and activities this 2023 annual report.

2023 Activity Report

This annual report in french provides an overview of the activity and production during 2023.

TSE Mag #26: Spring 2024

Today's young generations are the ones who will drive tomorrow's change. To support them in this transition, TSE has published a series of articles dedicated to the fight against climate change in the new issue of TSE Mag.


TSE Mag #25: Fall 2023

We highlight the research carried out by the TSE community on a subject that is central to society: work. From job seeking and career development, to inequality, pensions and the impact of artificial intelligence on the world of work, there's no shortage of topics to explore!

2022 Activity Report - Research Partnerships & Centers

This activity report celebrates a busy year of research and productive interactions with decision-makers. Through the lenses of our six research Centers, it gives an overview of the research outputs delivered by TSE members on issues of interest to our partners. It also offers a good peak into the outreach activities stemming from our partnerships, and into TSE’s special efforts to engage with regulators.