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Toulouse Economists on Finance and Macroeconomics

Outreach papers drawing on research collaborations with the French Banque de France (BDF) addressing current challenges in the banking and financial sectors. (financial stability, digital are, etc..)

TSE Presentation

You will find attached the presentation 2017 of Toulouse School of Economics.

TSE Mag # 15 - Health

An health dossier including the latest research on the economics of food, drugs and genetic tests with Fany Declerck on high-frequency trading, Daniel Chen on data and decisions and Stéphane Straub on Macron's opportunity
TSE turns 10: celebrating our success

International graduate program

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TSE Mag # 14 - Changing the balance of energy

Latest edition of our trimestrial magazine, TSE Mag, bringing you the latest news, results and debates from our international research center. This edition is dedicated to the issues of energy with the latest research results on the subject and views from the industry.