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TSE-SCOR Foundation for Science Journal

Read the TSE-SCOR newsletter published in March 2021. In this issue, you'll find 3 main themes: How to insure the long-term care, Fair Innings: Whose lives should be saved first and Sharing the risk of lockdown

TSE's Digital Center 2020 report

As it wraps up its second year of activity, the TSE Digital Center reviews what has been a distinctive period marked by the global pandemic.
Despite the challenges faced in 2020, TSE-P has had the opportunity to embark on promising partnerships and projects. 2020 was also the launch of our new seminar series, covering all aspects of the economics of platforms.


Sustainable Finance Center newsletter December 2020

Read the latest newsletter from the Finance center with a special focus on the financial impact of blockchain technology.

TSE Mag #21: Winter 2021

A special dossier on the fight for climate and two exclusive interviews, one with World Bank Vice-President Makhtar Diop on Africa, Covid-19 recovery and another with the infrastructures Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian on innovation and big data

Energy and Climate Center newsletter - November 2020

Read the latest newsletter from the TSE Energy and Climate Center. In this issue, Stefan Ambec discusses his report on the EU-Mercosur trade deal and its threat to Brazilian rainforests. Research by Stefan Lamp reveals the considerable gains to be made by reallocating incentives for renewable energies such as solar power. And Mathias Reynaert has produced striking evidence that strategic ‘gaming’ of EU emissions standards is widespread. Plus news from TSE alumnus Filippo Maria D’Arcangelo and our latest events and outputs.