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Energy and Climate Center newsletter - April 2020

We invite you to read the latest newsletter of the TSE Energy and Climate Center with the recent work of our researchers Jean-Pierre Amigues and Michel Moreaux. Also an interview of Yuting Yang Energy economist at University of New Mexico on Electricity without borders, and a flashback to the recent events of 2020.

TSE Mag #20: Spring 2020

This edition include a special dossier on the global pandemic, an exclusive interview with Marianne Bertrand on gender inequalities, Luc Julia on AI and its impact on jobs Grafton Architect Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara on TSE new building.

2019 annual report Sustainable Finance Center

This annual report provides an overview of the Center’s activity and production during 2019.

2019 annual report Energy and Climate Center

In this report, you will find an overview of the Energy and climate's center, as well as a glance to our current research projects.  

Catalogue of recent TSE publications

This catalogue is a selection of abstracts of the most recent TSE publications (articles or working papers).
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