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TSE Mag #25: Fall 2023

We highlight the research carried out by the TSE community on a subject that is central to society: work. From job seeking and career development, to inequality, pensions and the impact of artificial intelligence on the world of work, there's no shortage of topics to explore!

2022 Activity Report - Research Partnerships & Centers

This activity report celebrates a busy year of research and productive interactions with decision-makers. Through the lenses of our six research Centers, it gives an overview of the research outputs delivered by TSE members on issues of interest to our partners. It also offers a good peak into the outreach activities stemming from our partnerships, and into TSE’s special efforts to engage with regulators.

International graduate program

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Updated 2022

TSE Mag #24: Fall 2022

A special dossier on transport economics. Recap of the Common Good Summit 2022. Exclusive interviews with SCNF CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou on why trains will be central to the transition. Marc Ivaldi on transport optimization and the future of transportation. Stéphane Straub on closing the infrastructure gap. Isis Durrmeyer on the French feebate. E-commerce: can we deliver sustainably? Roland Bénabou on our motivated biases. Cesar Hidalgo on the power of AI.