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Released April 22, 2024.

Climate change is causing more than one young person in two to feel anxious.

These were the findings of a study carried out in 2021 among 10,000 young people aged 16 to 25 in 10 countries and published in The Lancet. In recent years, young people have often been the first to take to the streets in peaceful 'climate marches'. Anxious, but committed, and above all, the first in line to be affected. Today's young generations are the ones who will drive tomorrow's change. To support them in this transition, TSE is publishing a series of articles dedicated to the fight against climate change in the new issue of TSE Mag. In this magazine, 17 academics, graduates and students share their knowledge and the results of their work on these subjects.

How can we transform our energy use to protect the planet?
How can we foster growth in empathy towards our planet and future generations?
What kind of mobility will we have in the future?
Why aren't we doing more to protect the environment?
What are the links between climate change and our colonized past?

Answers to all these questions can be found in this new edition, which also includes pop culture references to help you tackle the complex subject of climate change in a new light, and a carbon footprint bingo to encourage you to choose more virtuous behaviors.

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In 2023, TSE Mag set off on a new adventure.

With this new format, we hope to spark interest for economics and science among younger generations and the general public. Twice a year, readers will get a glimpse of the research and activities underway at TSE.

Our goal is to share new insights that will encourage you, our readers, to get involved in the challenges of tomorrow.

Each issue will focus on a theme that is important to you!
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Released October 24, 2023.

Learning paths: the world of work

We highlight the research carried out by the TSE community on a subject that is central to society: work.

From job seeking and career development, to inequality, pensions and the impact of artificial intelligence on the world of work, there's no shortage of topics to explore!

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Ten years, 24 issues, thousands of words and hundreds of images.
All our magazines are available to read below in our archives.


A special dossier on transport economics

Recap of the Common Good Summit 2022. Exclusive interviews with SCNF CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou on why trains will be central to the transition. Marc Ivaldi on transport optimization and the future of transportation. Stéphane Straub on closing the infrastructure gap. Isis Durrmeyer on the French feebate. E-commerce: can we deliver sustainably? Roland Bénabou on our motivated biases. Cesar Hidalgo on the power of AI.

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A special dossier on health economics

Exclusive interviews with Alexandre Mérieux, bioMérieux CEO and Chairman and with Philippe Lamoureux, Leem Director. Catarina Goulão on the power of social norms. Henrik Andersson on the willingness to pay for clean air. Yassine Lefouili on making medicine more affordable.Pierre Dubois on how doctors respond to scientifi evidence.

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A special dossier on saving the Common Good

An exclusive interview with Olivier Blanchard and Jean Tirole on their report to the French President. Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo on the need for more generosity. Angus Deaton on the despair plaguing low-income americans.

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A special dossier on the fight for climate 

An exclusive interview with World Bank Vice-President Makhtar Diop on Africa, Covid-19 recovery and infrastructures. Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian on innovation and big data. TSE Victor Gay on the long lasting consequences of the pandemic and what history can teach us.

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A special dossier on the global pandemic

An exclusive interview with Marianne Bertrand on gender inequalities. Luc Julia on AI and its impact on jobs. Grafton Architect Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara on TSE new building.

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A special dossier on artificial intelligence

An exclusive interview with Marc Fontaine (Airbus) on big data for planes

Susan Athey on machine learning and economics

Daron Acemoglu on the future of job

Christian Gollier on global warming and his new book 

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A special dossier on the future of finance featuring blockchain, shadow banking and behavioral finance

An exclusive interview with Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné

Johannes Hörner on how Waze uses its users

Daniel Ershov on search costs

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A special dossier on public policy

An exclusive interview with Thomas Coutts and Milena Mileva from Baillie Gifford

Victor Gay on War and Gender

Olivier de Groote on Solar Panel Adoption 

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A special dossier on the use of mathematics

An exclusive interview with La Poste CEO Philippe Wahl

Catherine Bobtcheff & Carole Haritchabalet on biobanks

Céline Bonnet & Zohra Bouamra-Mechemache on taxing meat 

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An health dossier including the latest research on the economics of food, drugs and genetic tests

Fany Declerck on high-frequency trading

Daniel Chen on data and decisions

Stéphane Straub on Macron's opportunity

TSE turns 10: celebrating our success

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An energy dossier including the latest research and the industry views

Doh-Shin Jeon on Google's monopoly

Philippe Trainar on the evolution of risk

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A Europe dossier presenting the latest research work on the subject

Susan Athey on the future of the news media industry

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé on the banking industry

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A development economics dossier presenting the latest research work on the subject

Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee on fighting poverty

Daniel Garrett on overbooking in the airline industry

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A Digital dossier presenting the latest research work on the subject

Preston McAfee, Microsoft chief economist on the digital revolution

Torsten Persson on the economics of democracy

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A Sustainable Finance dossier

Elhanan Helpman, world-class economist

Pierre Moscovici on the future of Europe

A quick glance at the new research partnerships

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A COP21 dossier

Piketty, university admissions and the future of medicine : an interview with Philippe de Donder

AXA CEO, Henri de Castries about the world's economic situtation

A lookback at the history of La Poste

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A Nobel Prize dossier

Nutritional taxes: do they work? Answer with Vincent Réquillart

AXA makes a pledge for research

French economics: a view from Boston with Fabien Fieschi

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A look back in pictures and video at the EEA-ESEM 2014 Congress

Catching up with high-frequency trading with Sophie Moinas

How should we teach economics?

New international partnerships announced

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The big interview with Joseph Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel Prize and laureate of the 2014 Jean-Jacques Laffont prize

A meeting with Bruno Sire, UT Capitole President on the TIGER Forum and the European School of Law 

Research highlights from the event with TSE researchers

A looks back in pictures and videos on the event

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The big interview with Stéphane Richard, Chairman & CEO of Orange, on the telecommunication market 

An exclusive interview with the newly appointed president of the ERC

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon and an in-depth look at the 10 TSE ERC grants

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The big interview with Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman & CEO of GDF-SUEZ, on EU Energy Policy

The hot topic on current environment and economic growth with Nicolas Treich, INRA-TSE Research Director

sneak peak at the programme of the 2014 edition of the Tiger Forum. 

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Claude Crampes and Thomas-Olivier Léautier on the EDF-IDEI "great energy challenge". partnership pages on social protection in developing countries with Emmanuelle Auriol, TSE researcher, and the hot topic with Eric S. Maskin, 2013 Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize laureate.

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tse-mag-2-image-enMichel Pébereau, Honorary President of BNP Paribas, the hot topic on financial crisis & regulation with Guillaume Plantin, TSE researcher, and the partnership pages with Hervé Guyomard, INRA board member and scientific director.

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The first issue of TSE's quarterly magazine, TSE Mag, bringing you a dynamic, diverse and thought-provoking insight into our activities: scientific research, current affairs, events, news from the "Ecole TSE", partnerships, economic history & culture...

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