Toulouse Talent - Global Impact

Investing in Toulouse today means investing in a thriving economic hub and a city of knowledge. Already heralded as the world’s capital of aeronautics, the “pink city” is also a hub for cancer research, home to the Hyperloop research center, and an incubator for digital talent. Attracting more and more international talent, Toulouse is securing its reputation as a prime location for science, investment, innovation, advanced engineering, and of course, quality of life. A city with growing global impact.

TSE and its sister organization, IAST, is proud to contribute to Toulouse’s reputation. To sustain and expand our collective ambitions, we must continue to provide the best conditions for fostering distinctive innovation.

We have hence launched our Toulouse Talent - Global Impact campaign with the aim of raising €50M.

Toulouse Talent - Global Impact has three main priorities:

  1. Solving key economic and social issues - € 37 M
  2. Educating the brightest future talent - € 8M
  3. Offering an exciting location to foster innovation - € 5 M 

" Join us in taking TSE and IAST even further: be part of the Toulouse Talent - Global Impact campaign "  

Christian Gollier, TSE Director

Solving key economic and social issues - €37M

Our goal is to encourage sustained multidisciplinary dialogue among researchers. While economics will always remain at the core of our activity, fascinating and often unexpected synergies emerge from an interdisciplinary approach, which is increasingly recognized as the future of top-flight academic endeavor.

But we need more.

  • More endowed chairs and visiting professorships to retain existing talent and attract new and exciting ones.
  • More global debate-fueled focus centers, chairs and institutes to support agendas as well as people.
  • More interdisciplinary programs supporting the appointment of senior scholars.
  • More research projects on wide-reaching themes such as health,infrastructure, migration, religion and the ageing of populations.

Key TSE research areas currently in need of your support:

  • Climate change and energy
  • Health behavior
  • Sustainable finance

Educating young talent - € 8M

Educating tomorrow’s top economists is key to our future footprint. Today’s students are tomorrow’s ambassadors, essential for carrying TSE’s vision far and wide. This is therefore our second campaign priority.

We will fund a range of internationally competitive scholarships and boost our overall educational package, focused on careers and designed to the highest international standards, attracting the very best students from all over the world.

The resources raised will enable not only the training of talented individuals at doctoral and postdoctoral levels, but also the funding of scholarships to attract the brightest undergraduate students coming from all corners of the world.

You can help us offer:

  • Undergraduate & graduate scholarships
  • Postdoctoral fellowships
  • Tailor-made career support services

Offering an exciting location to foster innovation - € 5M

In 2019 a brand new building will host TSE, a purpose-built chef d’oeuvre designed by internationally-renowned Irish architects Grafton and located on the university campus in the historic center of Toulouse.

While funding has already been secured for the building itself, TSE needs to raise funds to provide faculty and students with the best work environment possible, making TSE an exciting, cutting-edge place to work, think and learn, with the best equipment and environment.

Naming opportunities will be available in the new building, from amphitheatres to experimental laboratories and outreach areas.

Thanks to your support we will be able to provide our faculty with:

  • State-of-the-art digital facilities
  • Purpose-built behavioural experiment laboratories
  • Public outreach areas mixing art, culture and science

We are proud of and grateful to all our partners. With their support, we are able to work towards our aim of using economics as a force for good in the world. Thank you!



    Our campaign aim is to raise €50M from corporation, foundations and individuals, in France and abroad. With that support we can deliver true global impact: your gift will make a real difference.


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