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Help us develop economic knowledge for a better world

Philanthropic support has played a significant role in the creation of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and in its development ever since. 

After two remarkable fundraising campaigns where TSE raised €33M euros from corporate donations the first time (2008 – 2012) and €56M euros from both corporate and individual donations the second time (2016 – 2020), today we would like to continue our fundraising efforts to meet the needs of our students and young researchers (PhD).

Our very first individual donor campaign: Giving to TSE 

  • Empower the youth

  • Foster diversity in economics

  • Contribute to equal opportunities in education

  • Help create new economic knowledge

  • Contribute to the collective intelligence for the improvement of our society

Alumni, partners, researchers, staff, friends of TSE, you have the power of giving.
Each one of you can donate. Whatever the amount, every donation is instrumental in shaping the future of our students.

Contribute to the common good


"Thank you for standing with us in our goal to build a world-class economics program that is both ambitious and inclusive. Together, we can empower students, regardless of gender, background, sexual orientation, and gender identity, to build a better future at TSE! Whatever your gift, it makes a difference."


Make a difference to the lives of our students

With this individual donor campaign, TSE wishes to raise funds for the student community.
You can help us by supporting any or all of the following causes.

1. Women in economics
With the aim of fostering diversity in economics, TSE would like to contribute towards encouraging more women to pursue economics and/or to continue their further studies. 
Your donation will go toward:

  • Financial assistance in preparing for Jobmarket
  • Travel allowance 
  • Coaching sessions


"Your donation to TSE, however small, will make a difference to lives of our students. We foster diversity by encouraging more women to pursue careers in economics and social sciences "


2. Jean-Jacques Laffont - TSE scholarships
A meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of our students. Help us attract student talent from all over the world, especially from the emerging countries and educate the brightest students, help them fulfill their career in economics.
Your donation will go toward:

  1. Grants and academic excellence scholarships
  2. Cost of living assistance
  3. International mobility scholarships


"Philanthropy played a great role in the creation of TSE. Your support today will help us to attract and to train the next generation of economists who will make the world better"



3. Career enhancement
Empowering students to become the agents of change. These “flexible” funds are important for us and allow us to support needs-based projects for fulfilling educational and career-related opportunities. Scholars of today to career-ready leaders of tomorrow!
Your donation will go toward:

  1. Personal and professional development 
  2. Professional coaching 
  3. Access to advanced career services 
  4. Alumni and engagement services



"The funds raised from this campaign will help us advance remarkable educational and career opportunities for our students."




Give with confidence, when and how you want

Whether you are giving from France or overseas, you can donate funds to TSE for immediate usage, or make an endowment or a planned gift. 

  • Make a one-off donation
  • Support with your long-term giving
  • Gift in wills...

Talk to our team: they will help you give in the most easiest and smartest way!

Giving from France (and overseas)

Whatever your preferred way to donate, please send us the donor form filled and signed. 
Cheque payment 

Send in your cheque to:

Fondation Jean-Jacques Laffont – TSE
1, Esplanade de l'Université
31080 Toulouse Cedex 06

Wire transfer

You could also make a wire transfer using our bank details. To do so, feel free to contact us at this address: 

Online Payment

To transfer your money instantly, you can use our platform hosted by HelloAsso:

Donate on our HelloAsso page

Giving from the USA

TSE benefits from American Friends of TSE in the United States, which raises funds on our behalf and allows you to benefit from local tax advantages. 
Whatever your preferred way to donate, please send us the donor form filled and signed. 

Cheque payment

Send in your cheque to Shelby Mich (
AFTSE - American Friends of Toulouse School of Economic

c/o Bluestone Services

9690 Deereco Road Suite 500

Timonium, MD 21093

Wire transfer 

To get the bank details required for this option, feel free to write to us at

Online payment

You can transfer your donation instantly using the Paypal link below:

Click here to donate


Transform your tax into grants for our students

All donations made to TSE (whether from France, Europe, or the USA) are tax-deductible.
Tax-efficient giving can apply to both Annual Fund and major gift donations. It is also possible to receive inheritance tax benefits by making a gift to TSE and IAST in your will.
Make the most generous act while maximizing tax benefits.

Giving from France
Any donation made to the TSE Foundation by a French tax resident (individuals and corporations) provides tax benefits to the donor.
For individuals:
66% of any individual donation is deductible on up to 20% of taxable income. If the donation exceeds the limit, the excess is carried forward for 5 years under the same conditions (Article 200 C.G.I).
75% of your donation is deductible on wealth tax (IFI), up to € 50,000 per year.

Giving from Europe

Donors from a European country willing to make a gift to TSE are eligible for tax benefits via the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network.

Giving from the USA

In the United States, TSE benefits from American Friends of TSE Inc. a publicly-supported charity exempt from Federal tax under section 501(c)(3), which enables US taxpayers to receive the fullest charitable deduction allowed by law. 

Expert philanthropic advice 

We believe in the power of giving! Our team of experts will work with you to find the best giving solution and help you make a difference through your giving.

Contact our team




Founded in 2022, Donation committee’s primary objective is to examine received donations and redistribute them to students pursuing their studies at TSE. Comprising 5 members, the Committee is committed to balancing the expectations of generous donors with the practical needs of students, thereby providing a stepping stone toward a promising academic future at TSE. Efficient fund management and the promotion of the donation campaign are at the forefront of the Committee's concerns.


The committee members come from various departments within TSE, representing research, education, and administration. Their diversity ensures full representation of voices and the community's needs, fostering informed discussions during the quarterly scholarship meetings.

The key concern of the Committee is to harmonize donor expectations with students' financial needs. As donors have a choice of three causes for their donations, it is vital for the Committee to respect these choices when awarding scholarships.


  • Funds optimization: ensure an effective and considered management of available resources

  • Dialogs and deliberations: engage in constructive debate to ensure maximum impact of funds

  • Focused scholarships: redistribute donations in the form of scholarships in accordance with rigorous, pre-established criteria that meet donors' aspirations

  • Transparency and accountability: demonstrate total transparency with our donors regarding the precise use of their contributions


We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about the Giving to TSE fundraising campaign, where your contribution has a direct impact on the education of TSE students. Your support is essential in shaping the future of our students.

Thank you for taking part in this inspiring initiative.


Transformational impact of your generosity! 


Each donor and every gift — no matter the size — makes a big difference to the lives of our students. Your support helps in preparing the future economists, who will advance the common good and make the world a better place. We are extremely grateful to have such a remarkable donor community! Each year, private gifts from individuals, alumni, families, researchers, staff, businesses and foundations have translated into scholarships and grants for our students. Your contributions set a tone for the future of many aspiring economists.

Thank you for your support dear friends! 



Our Scholarship holders

Our 2023 Giving to TSE Welcome Lunch for the scholarship recipients