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In these rapidly changing times, a collaboration between employers and universities is essential to shape the future of talent to help executives, to innovate and meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Since its creation, TSE has focused on educating future economists and supporting researchers to solve key economic and social issues through collaborative research as well as tailor-made training sessions for leaders and practitioners to go through transformational change. 


TSE Executive Education offers carefully engineered courses, tailored to the interests and needs of practitioners and companies, providing deep insights into today's economic challenges. Our programs come in flexible formats, accommodating both online and in-person sessions.  

  • one-off sessions spread over half-day
  • intensive 2-3 days format
  • docus on specific terms/ industry/ questions

Our areas of expertise ->  

Program design process: 

A collaborative approach to design a course that best suits your needs. 

  • Our mission is to identify problems, discuss them with participants and apply research to shed light on the issues. 

 Why join us? 

The TSE Executive Education program is an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas, and spar with, truly outstanding economic thinkers. Our programs are built to deliver excellence through a practical and innovative experience. 

image Key benefits 

With TSE Executive Education you can deep-dive into a specific topic of our programs by gaining distinctive approaches, discussing case studies, and sharing unique points of view. 

  • Learn, analyze and evaluate topics and issues of a specific area 
  • Discuss and engage with TSE Experts
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of key economic issues
  • Expand your knowledge in economics

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