Executive Education

Launched in 2019, our Executive Education program in Competition Law and Economics is aimed at professionals – lawyers, economists and business people who wish to develop state-of-the-art skills in the growing field of competition policy.
We offer a unique possibility to learn from leading industrial organization economists and competition law practitioners on how to bridge the gap between cutting-edge economics and the practice of European competition law.

Our program offers one-day seminars as well as courses on thought provoking and trending topics of high relevance for practitioners.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all the physical sessions are temporarily suspended. 


- March 10, 2021 - What's new in merger control: theory and policy


-  October 16, 2020 - Recent developments in the economics of platform markets
   WebpageProgram - Lecture presentation

-  October 15, 2020 - The future of digital competition policy: Should antitrust and regulation be merged?
   WebpageProgram - Speakers

-  February 13, 2020 - Preparing for Court: What it Takes to be an Effective Expert Witness
    Program - Photos

-  October 01, 2019 - What’s New in Antitrust and Merger Control
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   Alexandre de Cornière, Toulouse School of Economics

   Daniel Chen, Toulouse School of Economics

  Jacques Crémer, Toulouse School of Economics

  Bruno Jullien, Toulouse School of Economics

  Yassine Lefouili, TSE Executive Education Director

    Patrick Rey, TSE Executive Education Scientific Director

  Paul Seabright, Toulouse School of Economics

    Jean Tirole, TSE Honorary Chairman

   Rafique Bachour, Freshfields

  Cristina Caffarra, CRA

   Antoine Chapsal, Analysis Group

  Raphaël de Coninck, CRA

  Neil Dryden, Compass Lexecon

   Cani Fernandez, CNMC

   Hans W. Friederiszick, E.CA economic/ESMT Berlin

  Eric Gippini, European Commission

   Thomas Graf, Cleary Gottlieb

   William Kovacic, George Washington University

   Thomas Kramler, European Commission

   Gregor Langus, E.CA Economics

   Bruno Liebhaberg, CERRE

   Adrian Majumdar, RBB Economics

   Philip Marsden, CRA  

  Xavier Mas, Frontier Economics 

  Gunnar Niels, Oxera

   Robert O'Donoghue, Brick Court Chambers

    Jorge Padilla, Senior Managing Director and Head of Compass Lexecon Europe

   Pierre Régibeau, European Commission 

   Benoit Reillier, Launchworks & co

   Sir Peter Roth, Competition Appeal Tribunal

   Isabelle de Silva, French Compettion Authority

   Simeon Thornton, Competition & Market Authority 

   James Venit, Dentons

   Marc Van der Woude, General Court of the European Union

   Anne Yvrande-Billon, ARCEP

  Elena Zoido, Compass Lexecon