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Transformational impact of your generosity! 

Each donor and every gift — no matter the size — makes a big difference to the lives of our students. Your support helps in preparing the future economists, who will advance the common good and make the world a better place. We are extremely grateful to have such a remarkable donor community! Each year, private gifts from individuals, alumni, families, researchers, staff, businesses and foundations have translated into scholarships and grants for our students. Your contributions set a tone for the future of many aspiring economists.


Thank you for your support dear friends! 




"This scholarship relieves the financial strain caused by the challenging exchange rate, allowing me to focus on my studies without worry. It's a fantastic opportunity to promote women in the field, and through this initiative, I've connected with like-minded students facing similar challenges."




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"This scholarship will alleviate my financial pressure, enabling me to fully focus on my studies. Initiatives like Women in Economics by TSE are crucial as they pave the way for our future integration as female economists."




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"This scholarship has allowed me to pursue my aspirations and come to TSE! With it comes a deep sense of responsibility to make the most of this opportunity and give back to the community for what it has given me, in the future."




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"TSE scolarship will help me with my daily life in Toulouse but also helping me paying my rent if I decide to do an internship in London or Paris."






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"It was a great honor and pleasure to participate in the communication coaching sessions financed by the generous TSE alumni. I feel more confident to demonstrate my talents and the excellence of the TSE Ph.D. program in the future Job Market. I also wish to contribute to our TSE community after my graduation.





" It is my great honor to receive this special scholarship for Chinese Ph.D. candidates. I will use it wisely to cover my living expenses at Toulouse. Furthermore, I hope I can donate and help Chinese students at TSE in the future. I am working with Ulrich Hege at TSE in the finance group. In Fall 2022, I will join Peking University, HSBC Business School, as an assistant professor. "







This scholarship helps cover my living expenses in the transition period after the Job Market. It is very meaningful to me as it allows me to focus on my research projects and freely enjoy my remaining time at TSE. The scholarship also inspires me to give back to the community when I make advances in my career. "






" The scholarship changed huge aspects of my life. Without the scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to come to France, to TSE…It has helped me be more ambitious with what I want to do



Your generous financial support is very important for me […] I would like to make my own contributions to mitigate these developments problems and help the disadvantaged people for a better life.






" I was delighted to receive the scholarship offered by the Jean-Jacques Laffont Association. As a young student in Economics, I have always wanted to participate in the cutting-edge research that takes place at Toulouse School of Economics and the association has been a real springboard to do so. "






" It is clear that if I had not been able to benefit from the association's scholarship in 2015, I would not have been able to start my thesis in the Toulouse School of Economics research center. The scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies, instead of juggling a job on the side. I am currently in the 2nd year of the PhD and am studying how algorithms and platforms affect the economy, and consequently, how to design and regulate them. "