Microsoft-TSE Partnership


Microsoft has supported the research of TSE’s economists since 1999. In addition to supporting research projects carried out by researchers, Microsoft became in 2005 the sponsor of the Toulouse Network for Information Technology (TNIT). The aim of this network was to foster economic research on the software industry, the development and role of the Internet, intellectual property, and competition policy. The TNIT came to an end in 2020 but the scientific contributions of TNIT members remain available on the TSE website
In 2022, Microsoft made a gift to TSE to support new research on cloud computing. Whereas firms, governments and non-profit organizations used to run most of their computing in-house, first through computers and then through servers, in recent years more and more of the world’s computations and data storage are carried out “in the cloud”. This raises important analytical and policy questions, and yet very little research has been done on the economics of the cloud. Thanks to the support of Microsoft, TSE aims to advance the understanding of the economic consequences of this very disruptive technology and hopefully will encourage researchers in other institutions to join us in this journey. 

Microsoft supports the TSE Digital Center.