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About us

The rapid development of digital technology generates a fundamental transformation in the everyday life of citizens and organizations, impacting significantly individuals, governments and business across the world. This is one of the reasons why Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST) launched the Jean-Jacques Laffont Digital Chair in 2015. The Chair bears the name of the great economist Jean-Jacques Laffont who made pioneering contributions in public economics and information economics.

The aim of the Chair is to promote research on the impact of digital technology in such areas as organization, competition policy, education, finance, culture and health.

This initiative was driven by Jean Tirole and Fleur Pellerin. The Chair brings together academics (researchers from IAST and TSE), policy-makers and private partners to discuss the latest research evidence on new digital technologies and their impact on society.
The following partners have joined the initiative to promote research on areas such as industrial organisation, competition policy, education, finance, culture and health.

Ministère de la Culture et de la CommunicationACCORCaisse des dépôts Group (CDG), OrangeSamsungSociété des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques (SACD), Société des auteurs et compositeurs de musique enregistrée (SACEM) and Société Générale.