TSE digital center


Several public and private partners support the Digital Center. This model serves both the researchers and the partners well: the partners because it provides independent validation of the research which is conducted thanks to their support; the researchers because having access to real world problems provides a new dimension to their academic research.

For the tourism sector, digitalisation plays a structural role. This is specifically true for Accor who recently started a major digital transformation aiming to integrate and rethink the digital place throughout the customer's experience and service. 

Airbus is navigating a digital transformation on all levels. In applying digital technologies Airbus is bringing major transformation across all of its operations.

Ant Financial Services Group is dedicated to using Internet technology to bring value to users and partners. Since the establishment of Alipay in 2004, Ant Financial has continuously driven innovation in technology to improve user experience and create value.

The Caisse des Dépôts group concentrates its action on 4 strategic transformations for the long term development of France and one of this transformation is the digital one.

Orange acknowledges the digitalisation of the economy and welcomes the initiative of TSE and the Ministry as it is essential to understand how this digitalisation works in order to measure and regulate its effects.

In November 2015, an agreement signed with the French Ministry for Culture and Communication launched this fundamental research program on themes linked to digital transitions in the cultural sector. One of its main objectives is to help inform public policy on new tools to regulate the actors of the digital world.

Samsung believes The Internet of Things will have an even greater impact on societies than electronic products had until know. It will concern every aspect of our lives and will revolutionise every economic sectors. 

The SACD promotes and defends authors’ rights. From its creation, in 1777, to the digital era, the SACD evolved in order to suit the needs of authors and of their environment. For the SACD, supported the Chair answers the need for an independent economic reflection on digital themes related to cultural sectors and authors’ rights.

SACEM collects and distributes authors’ rights for the broadcast in public (Internet services, movie theatres, festivals…) and for the reproduction on media (disc, video, legal digital file…).

The Digital Chair’s research work such as data protection, data privacy and security and intellectual property in the digital economy are at the heart of the Société Générale’s challenges.