TSE digital center


Several public and private partners support the Center

During the last quarter century, Toulouse economists have developed a model that brings academic research at the highest level to focus on real-world problems, through interactive dialogue with industrial partners and national policy-makers, leading to the establishment of a unique, world-class research center in economics and other social sciences. This model serves both the researchers and the partners well: the partners because it provides independent validation of the research which is conducted thanks to their support; the researchers because having access to real world problems provides a new dimension to their academic research.

To strengthen the relation between partners and TSE, the Digital Center organizes each year many events such as the TSE Digital Forum, the Digital Economics conference or weekly Digital workshops. The objective of these events is to discuss the latest research evidence on new digital technologies and their impact on society.  

Main donors

Our donors contribute to all scientific activities of the digital centre. Their support is essential to help us establishing one of the best digital economy research centers in Europe.



Thanks to our several research project sponsors, TSE researchers have developed innovative research on emerging issues in digital economics.