ENGIE-TSE Partnership


TSE and ENGIE have been working together since 2017. This partnership, which focuses on academic research, allows for reflection on new forms of organisation of electricity markets. On the one hand, the growth of renewable energies in the energy mix is likely to profoundly change the organisation and functioning of electricity markets. Indeed, these production technologies (photovoltaic, wind, hydropower, etc.), to which must be added the increase in storage capacity to overcome intermittency problems, are accompanied by a change in the cost composition of the electricity industry with a growth in the share of fixed costs and a decrease in the share of marginal operating costs. In such a situation, the fundamentals of the electricity sector, with production units stacked according to marginal cost, are called into question. ENGIE is therefore interested in the consequences of this change on the functioning and organisation of markets (role of wholesale markets, infrastructure financing, security of supply, new regulations, etc.).

ENGIE is also a partner of the Energy and Climate Centre, thus benefiting from the Centre's academic and public events.


Research focus: 

  •  Climate change, energy transition and public policies

  • Emerging issues in electricity markets

  • Uncertainty, climate and assessment of investments in the energy sector