ENGIE-TSE Partnership


ENGIE has supported academic research at TSE for many years. Renewed in 2022, the partnership between TSE and ENGIE addresses two main issues. 
The first issue concerns the new forms of organization of energy markets. The growth of renewable energies in the energy mix is likely to radically change the organization and functioning of these markets. In particular, this should lead to the convergence of the electricity and gas sectors in order to overcome the problems of intermittency inherent to renewable energy sources and to relieve the electrical peak intensified by the electrification of uses in the framework of the energy transition.
The second reflection focuses on the anticipated consequences of GHG emission reduction targets on the optimal decarbonization scenarios until carbon neutrality is achieved by 2050. These evolutions have indeed an impact on the functioning and the organization of the current markets, as well as on the optimal composition of the energy mix in the longer term. 
ENGIE is a member of the TSE Parners Club and supports the TSE Energy and Climate Center.

Research topics

  • Extension of the work on "sector coupling" to hydrogen
  • Certification and guarantee of the origin of green gas production (hydrogen and methane)
  • Electricity market design
  • The optimal energy mix for 2050
  • Optimal emission trajectories, reduction and "zero net emissions" objective