Christian Gollier

Christian Gollier

TSE Research Faculty

UT1 Capitole


Research interests

Economics of Uncertainty
Environmental economics


Alongside Jean Tirole, Christian Gollier created Toulouse School of Economics, one of the best departments of economics worldwide. He subsequently served there as Deputy Director (2007- 2009) and then Director (2009-2015). He has developed in-depth contacts and research partnerships with various industries in France and around the world, in particular with insurance companies, banks and the energy sector. His current fields of interest extend from Decision Theory under Uncertainty to Environmental Economics through Finance, Investment, Consumption Theory, Insurance Economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis, with a special interest for long term (sustainable) effects.Christian Gollier has published over 100 articles in top-tier economic journals. He has also published 7 books on risk including “The Economics of Risk and Time”, MIT Press, winner of the 2001 Paul A. Samuelson Award. In October 2012, Princeton UP has published his book entitled "Pricing the Planet's Future: The Economics of Discounting in an Uncertain World".


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