Food economics

Past Conferences

10th Conference on "Industrial Organization and the Food Industry", Manufacture des Tabacs, Toulouse, June 6–7, 2019, room MS 001.

Food-Health-Economics-Workshop, Manufacture des tabacs, Toulouse, June 7–8, 2018, room MS 001.

Workshop on the Economic Analysis of Environmental Food Policies, Manufacture des tabacs, Toulouse, November 16–17, 2017, room MS 003.

16th European Health Economics Workshop, Toulouse, France, May 28–29, 2015.

Producer’ Organizations (Pos) In Agricultural Markets, Toulouse, France, September 4–5, 2014.

6èmes Journées INRA-SFER-CIRAD, Manufacture des Tabacs, Toulouse, France, December 13–14, 2012.