Workshop on Policy and the Automobile Market Transition

June 12–13, 2023

Thank you!

The organizing committee warmly thanks its participants present at the workshop. We invite you to consult the section EVENTS of the site which announces all conferences proposed by TSE.

Background and Objectives

This workshop is organized to present the output of the ANR project "Breathe in, Breath Out! Regulation on the European Automobile Market and Air Quality." We bring together researchers that contributed to the research produced during the ANR project and invite international scholars that study policy implementation in the automobile market. The workshop aims to foster interaction between scholars about economic models needed to study the electrification of the automobile market and how its transition affects consumers, firms, and the environment.

The workshop is invitation-only but open to members of TSE.

Organizers committee

Isis Durrmeyer (TSE) and Mathias Reynaert (TSE)

Conference venue

Toulouse School of Economics
1, Esplanade de l'Université
Auditorium 5 (2nd Floor) - 31080 Toulouse Cedex 06


Conference secretariat: Christelle Fauchié & Florence Chauvet
For further information, please send an e-mail to: