Industrial organization


The Industrial Organization group has the objective to promote excellent research and teaching in Industrial Organization as well as formation of good students in Industrial Organization.  The group is composed of about thirty researchers active in the field.

Watch two examples of research project below:

  • Industrial Economics

  • Food Economics

Activities of the group:

- Weekly IO seminar: Monday from 14h15 to 15h 30, organized by Isis Durrmeyer and Alexandre de Cornière
- Bi-weekly Competition Policy Workshop: Friday from 15h 30 to 17h, organized by Bruno Jullien and Patrick Rey
- Bi-annual Conference on the Economics of Intellectual Property, Software and the Internet: organized by Jacques Crémer, Paul Seabright, Alexandre de Corniere and Daniel Ershov.
- Annual (or bi-annual) Conference on the Economics of the Energy Market: organized by Claude Crampes and Stefan Ambec
- Annual CSIO/TSE Industrial Organization Workshop: organized by Isis Durrmeyer