Industrial organization

Upcoming seminars

Joseph Harrington (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), The Challenge of Third Party Pricing Algorithms for Competition Policy, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, April 22, 2024, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.

Alon Eizenberg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), An Empirical Analysis of Merger Efficiencies, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, April 29, 2024, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.

Tony Ke (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Information Design of Online Platforms, Economics of Platforms Seminar, May 7, 2024, 14:00–15:00, Zoom Seminar.

Eugenio J. Miravete (University of Texas, Austin), On Anticompetitive Third-Degree Price Discrimination, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, May 13, 2024, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.

Simon Anderson (University of Virginia), To be announced, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, June 3, 2024, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.

Daniele Condorelli (University of Warwick), Buyer-Optimal Platform Design, Economics of Platforms Seminar, June 4, 2024, 14:00–15:00, Zoom Meeting.

Milena Almagro (Chicago University), Optimal Urban Transportation Policy: Evidence from Chicago, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, June 10, 2024, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.

Past seminars

Tobias Klein (Tilburg University), How Important are User-generated Data for Search Result Quality?, Economics of Platforms Seminar, April 2, 2024, 14:00–15:00, Zoom Meeting.

Rosa Ferrer (University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), Heterogeneous Distaste for Advertisements: Evidence from a Two-Sided Market, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, March 18, 2024, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.

Kinshuk Jerath, “Retail Media” and Its Impact on the Retail Ecosystem, Digital Workshop, TSE & IAST, March 13, 2024, 12:30–13:30, Auditorium A4.

Matthew Mitchell (Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto), Selling Checkmarks, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, March 11, 2024, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.

Rafael Jimenez-Duran (Bocconi University;Chicago Booth Stigler Center), When Product Markets Become Collective Traps: The Case of Social Media, Economics of Platforms Seminar, March 5, 2024, 14:00–15:00, Zoom Meeting.

Eeva Mauring (Bergen University), Coasian Dynamics in Sequential Search, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, March 4, 2024, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.

Rikke Riber Rasmussen, The EC Digital Markets Act - Google compliance and perspectives, Digital Workshop, TSE & IAST, February 28, 2024, 12:30–13:30, Auditorium A4.

Jacopo Gambato (Mannheim University;ZEW, Mannheim), Platform-enabled information disclosure, Economics of Platforms Seminar, February 6, 2024, 14:00–15:00.

John Singleton (University of Rochester), Experimentally Validating Welfare Evaluation of School Vouchers: Part I, Econometrics and Empirical Economics Seminar, TSE, December 12, 2023, 15:30–16:50, room Auditorium 4.

Heski Bar-Isaac (University of Toronto), Acquihiring for Monopsony Power, Industrial Organization seminar, TSE, December 11, 2023, 14:15–15:30, room Auditorium 4.