Workshop: Regulating the Digital Economy

May 12–13, 2022


Room Auditorium A4

This workshop was a collaborative event between the Digital Economy Project at Yale Tobin Center for Economic Policy and TSE Competition Policy and Regulation Center.


Thank you to all the participants, we look forward to meeting again!

Flash back to this workshop: see the video.

Background and objective

The main objective of the workshop was to share the latest research findings on regulating the digital economy and guide the setting of a research agenda ahead which can help advance our understanding of digital markets and provide practical insights for policy.

The Yale and TSE teams designed a high-level intellectual agenda including presentations by renowned researchers and interaction with invited practitioners.

Organizing committee

Dirk BERGEMANN (Yale University)
Jacques CREMER (TSE)
David DINIELLI (Yale University)
Do-Shin JEON (TSE)
Patrick REY (TSE)
Fiona SCOTT MORTON (Yale University)
Katja SEIM (Yale University)


Participation by invitation only


List of communications

Markus Reisinger (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), Platform under Joint Ownership, Workshop: Regulating the Digital Economy, TSE, May 12–13, 2022.

Andrew Rhodes (Toulouse School of Economics), Personalized Pricing and Competition, Workshop: Regulating the Digital Economy, TSE, May 12–13, 2022.