11th bi-annual Postal Economics Conference on E-commerce, Digital Economy and Delivery Services

April 2–3, 2020



Scope and objective:
This conference, co-sponsored by the TSE-Partnership Foundation and Le Groupe LA POSTE welcomes submissions of recent research contributions to the conference topics whether theoretical, econometric, or policy oriented. It is intended to foster exchanges between professionals and academic researchers.

Organizing committee:
Claire Borsenberger (Groupe La Poste), Catherine Cazals (TSE),   Helmuth Cremer (TSE), Jacques Crémer (TSE), Eric Gautier (TSE), Denis Joram (Groupe La Poste), Bruno Jullien (TSE), Jean-Marie Lozachmeur (TSE), John Panzar (Northwestern University), Patrick Rey (TSE), Jean Tirole (TSE).

Conference secretariat: Christelle Fauchié
For further information please send an e-mail to