TSE Sustainable Finance Center


Focused on the challenges of finding sustainable finance solutions and assessing their impact on society, TSE launched the Sustainable Finance Center in 2018 to promote innovative research on emerging issues in economics and finance.  Created with the help of industrial and institutional partners, the Center facilitates a productive dialogue between researchers and industrial partners and policy-makers.

The center counts over 20 scholars working in finance, macroeconomics, environmental economics, psychology, and public economics and industrial partners to spur innovative research and disseminate cutting-edge research findings on today’s major societal challenges around sustainable finance to firms, policymakers and the wider public.

The main activities of the center: 

  • Scientific production: academic publications, conferences, seminar etc.
  • Transfert of knowledge: to practionners and policy makers.
  • Public debate: dissemination of economic knowledge.

The center is organized around four research focuses: 

  • Responsible Finance & Long-term Investments
  • Financial Technologies & Digital Markets
  • Financial Intermediaries & Regulation
  • Financial Behaviors, Welfare & Markets (in)Efficiencies