TSE Energy & Climate Center


Toulouse School of Economics has created an exchange platform for its university researchers and students interested in the fields of energy and climate economics. This initiative brings together industrial and academic partners to discuss the economics of energy and climate, giving the opportunity to build new analytical tools to meet new challenges. Regular workshops provide an opportunity to share knowledge on the institutional framework within and outside the European Union, empirical observations and basic theoretical modelling.

Main activities 

Scientific production:

  • Development of new knowledge resulting in academic publications
  • Organization of scientific conferences and seminars

Dissemination of economic knowledge:

  • Production of outreach materials and the organization of events meant to inform practitioners, policy makers or a wider audience
  • Participation of researchers in the public debate in France and internationally

The center is organized around two research focuses: 

The economics of Energy Industries

Assuring that the markets, regulation and institutions can accommodate and guide the changes.

The Economics of Natural Resources and Environment
Analyzing how public policies and business strategies impact natural resources and our environment.