Céline Bonnet

Céline Bonnet

TSE Research Faculty


Research Director, INRA

Current position

2018Associate Editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics
2018Editorial Board of the European Review of Agricultural Economics
2016Research Director, INRAE

Former positions

2005 - 2015Researcher at GREMAQ, INRA


2014Habilitation à diriger des Recherches (HDR)
2004Ph.D. in Economics, Toulouse School of Economics

Grants and awards

2018 - 2022Grant of the European Commission, Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy (STOP), coordinated by Franco Sassi (Imperial College Business School)
2018 - 2020Grant of the DID’IT Metaprogram of INRA, INNOV: Impact des innovations du secteur agro-alimentaire sur la santé et l’environnement, coordinated by Vincent Réquillart (TSE-R, INRA)
2018 - 2020Grant of National Program of Research, DIET+: Effects of diet changes on market equilibrium, value sharing, public health, environment and land use, coordinated by Stephan Marette (INRA-Eco Pub)
2016 - 2018Grant of the DFG, Competition and Vertical Relationships in Food Retail Markets - A French-German Comparative Analysis, coordinated by Gordon Klein (Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics)
2015 - 2018Grant of the French National Institute of Cancer, Epidemiological and Economic Impact of Alcohol Price Policies on Cancers, coordinated by Fabrice Etilé (INRA – PSE)
2014 - 2016Grand of the DID'IT Metaprogram of INRA - DEterminants of DIet and Physical Activity Choice (DEDIPAC)
2014 - 2017Grant of the Sustainable food and diets Program, Implementing sustainable diets in Europe coordinated by Louis-Georges Soler (INRA-ALISS)
2014 - 2017Grant of the DID’IT Metaprogram of INRA “Produits animaux/produits végétaux”, coordinated by Jean-Michel Chardigny (Unité de Nutrition Humaine, INRA)
2013 - 2015Subvention de recherche ANR-DFG on Competition and Bargaining in Vertical Chains (CBVC)
2012 - 2015Project ANR Offrir et Consommer une Alimentation Durable (OCAD)
2012 - 2015Grant of the DID’IT Metaprogram of INRA “Innovations in the design and the evaluation of consumer nutritional food policies"
2011 - 2013E.U. project Transparency of Food Pricing (TRANSFOP)
2010 - 2011Grant of the Marie-curie Individual Fellowship, Food Consumption and Obesity: Public Policy Measures, at the Institute of Fiscal Studies (UK, London), with Rachel Griffith (University of Manchester, IFS)
2009France-Berkeley Fund Award with Sofia B. Villas Boas (University of California, Berkeley) and Pierre Dubois (Toulouse School of Economics)
2009 - 2010Grant of the Department of Economics Scientific Committee of INRA for a Research Project on Estimation of Tastes Varieties and of Frequencies of Purchases in Food Consumption
2006Grant of the Department of Economics Scientific Committee of INRA for a Research Project on Individual Food Demands and Obesity, with Pierre Dubois (Toulouse School of Economics)
2005 - 2007Grant of the National Program of Research on Food and Human Nutrition, coordinated by Philippe Bontems (Toulouse School of Economics)


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Office : T.255