Marion Desquilbet, chair of the working group cnDAspe

October 20, 2021 Awards

Press Release 20/10/2021

Marion Desquilbet head of a working group of the cnDAspe on research independence and public-private relations.

Marion Desquilbet has been appointed head of a working group of the National Commission on Ethics and Alerts in Public Health and the Environment.
This working group deals with the independence of research and expertise in the context of public-private relations in the domains of health and the environment.
The cnDAspe is an independent institution created in April 2013, which works to protect living environments and public health. This working group is part of one of the commission's missions, which is to issue and spread general recommendations on the ethical principles specific to scientific and technical expertise in the fields of health and the environment.

The commission have different roles in this vigilance:

- facilitate the reporting of threats by civil society;

- stimulate the reactivity of the competent authorities;

- support public scientific and technical expertise organizations.

Photo by Sören Funk on Unsplash