Le Magnifique Jean-Jacques Laffont (13 April 1947- 1 May 2004)

November 03, 2021 Research

An article about Jean-Jacques Laffont untitled "Le Magnifique Jean-Jacques Laffont", by Laurent Linnemer published in Annals of Economics and Statistics is out on September 2021.

Jean-Jacques Laffont was a French economist specializing in public economics and information theory. Professor of economics at the University of Toulouse I and director of studies at the EHESS, he was the founder of the Institut d'économie industrielle (IDEI), which became one of the first European research centers in economics.  Professor Laffont wanted the University of Toulouse 1 become as one of the best European economic centers.

Some years later, the creation and the success of TSE shows how about he was visionary.

Get access to the article: stable URL: https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.15609/annaeconstat2009.143.0001

To know more about his association and his biography: http://www.jjlaffont.org