Junior years Economics and law

The main objective of this two-year program is to provide students with strong skills in both disciplines (double major degree in economics and law) to help them carry on their studies in economics or/and law.
This bi-disciplinary program aims at addressing a clear market demand for this type of profiles.

  •     Economics (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)
  •     Computing
  •     Mathematics
  •     Private Law, Public Law, International Institutions
  •     English

First year:

  • Access to holders of the French baccalaureate (Scientific and Economics sections with a good level in mathematics)

Second year:

  • Having completed the first year (2 semesters) of the Economics and Law section of the Toulouse School of Economics at the Toulouse 1 Capitole University.
  • For students coming from other curriculums, there is a selective admissions process.
  • Application: from May