Junior year Economics and Mathematics

This bachelor’s degree provides students with strong skills in economics and mathematics to help them carry out their studies in both disciplines (pure or applied Mathematics , pure economics or economics and mathematics).

  • Economics (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)
  • Mathematics (Analysis, Algebra, Probabilities and Statistics)
  • Computing (Databases, Algorithmic)
  • English



  • A taste for abstraction and an interest in theoretical reasoning
  • Intellectual agility
  • A very good level in mathematics
  • Ability to handle a heavy workload

First year:

Second year:

  • Having completed the first year (2 semesters) of the Economics and Law section of the Toulouse School of Economics at the Toulouse 1 Capitole University.
  • For students coming from other curriculums, there is a selective admissions process.
  • Application: from May, see: https://www.tse-fr.eu/admissions?lang=en


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