To find out the application procedure to follow if you hold a French or a foreign degree, and depending on the program level you want to apply for, please fill in the form below  (please note that applications open from November for Eiffel scholarship applicants only and from January for other foreign degree applicants).

Please read carefully the Frequently Ask Questions section, and check the deadlines before applying.

Application campaigns for the year 2020-2021

  • From November 7th to 27th 2019 for Eiffel Scholarship applications (only for foreign applicants and for Master's programs):
  • From January 13th to February 10th 2020 for Master's programs applications (only for students holding a foreign degree).

Applications for Master's programs for foreign degree holders are now closed. Please apply next year.

  • From January 22nd to March 12th 2020 for first year of Bachelor's programs applications through the French national platform Parcoursup.
  • From April 15th to 29th 2020 ONLY FOR TSE STUDENTS - applications only for Master's programs.
  • From May 5th to 26th 2020 for 2nd and 3rd year of Bachelor's programs (for students holding a French or foreign degree), and for Master's programs (only for students holding a French degree).

Applications have to be done online on the TSE platform eCandidatures. Any application submitted outside of the dates of the recruitment campaigns will not be reviewed.

If you want to be notified by email with the opening of the TSE application campaigns :

  • Please complete the form here



Make sure to submit your application via eCandidatures before the end of the application campaign. There is no application fees.

Once you confirmed your acceptance at TSE via the eCandidatures portal, you will receive an automatic email informing you that you must now register at the university.

You can either enroll online (be aware that the online registration platform is available only in french) from July or enroll in person at the end of August.

You must pay your enrollment fees at the moment of your enrollment.



Please be aware that the online enrollment portal is available only in french.

To enroll online, please click here and follow the instructions :


You must register in person if you are in these situations :

  • International newcomers
  • TSE students not fluent in french (because the IA web is only in French)
  • International students receiving a scholarship (Campus France, etc) 
  • Exempted students (exempted from the 5,500 € tuition fees of the Master programs, international track)

All concerned students will be duly notified about the registration procedure in June-July by the Admission service.


All students must pay the student tax called CVEC (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus) amounting to 91 euros before enrolling at the university.

The CVEC must be paid to the CROUS. After the payment, you will get a payment certificate or a waiver certificate. This certificate is mandatory at the moment of your enrollment at the university (online or in person).

All students, including scholarship holders, can obtain a certificate relating to the payment or exemption of the CVEC via the portal (only in french).

For more information :

  • Crous website (only in French).
  • You can contact directly the CROUS at this number +33140513735 (English-speaking contacts for international students).

The admissions service will forward you all the necessary information to pay the CVEC (translations in English) and proceed with your registration in person.


For the academic year 2019-2020, the enrollment fees amounted to :

  • 136 euros for a Bachelor's degree + 34 euros for the Commun Documentation Service (payable only once for the same academic year)
  • 209 euros for a Master's degree + 34 euros for the Commun Documentation Service (payable only once for the same academic year)

Master's degree - international track : Additional training fees of 5,500 euros. These fees include :

  • Project management courses and other practical courses (e.g. professional development courses in small groups)
  • Access to our full TSE careers service
  • French language classes (at the end of August) for international students
  • Mathcamp (at the end of August)
  • A welcome pack called ALL IN-TSE provided by the Toul'box to help you to settle in Toulouse


More information will be available soon.


Fee waivers and scholarships 

Fee waivers for Master programs, international track

Additional enrollment fees of 5,500 euros apply to Master programs, international track (excepted for the Master 2 ETE doctoral track).

TSE offers every year a fee waiver of 5,500 euros to several students accepted in Master programs, international track, on the basis of academic and geographical criteria. This action is part of the TSE policy and will be maintained for the next recruitment campaigns. Please note that these fee waivers do not concern the university enrollment fees (amounting to 243 euros) and the CVEC, "Student life tax" (amounting to 91 euros) which remain at your cost.

 Procedure to request a fee waiver 

  • To apply for a fee waiver, applicants who have been accepted in a Master's program, international track, must submit a cover letter requesting a tuition fee waiver and send it to
  • Two fee waiver commissions will be held:
    • on March 24th, 2020 : for Eiffel scholarship and Foreign degree applicants. Please send your tuition fee waiver request before March 15th, 2020.
    • June 2020 : for TSE students and French degree applicants.The deadline will be published later. 
  • You will be duly informed of the decision given to your tuition fee waiver request by email by the Admission service.

Differentiated registration fees and TSE partial registration fee waiver policy

Following the reform on differentiated registration fees, most of non-EU students are required to pay higher registration fees to enrol at the university:

  • 2,770 euros for each year in Bachelor programs
  • 3,770 euros for each year in Master programs

From the 2020-2021 academic year, Toulouse School of Economics will implement a partial registration fee waiver policy for non-EU students concerned by the differentiated registration fees based on the academic excellence of applications.
To know if you are concerned by the differentiated registration fees, please click on this link.

 Partial registration waiver policy 
To find out more about the TSE partial registration fee waiver policy, please click HERE (available soon).


UniCredit and Universities Master scholarship
UniCredit & Universities Foscolo Foundation offers a scholarship to a student national from one of the 15 European countries in which UniCredit Group operates with outstanding academic background and accepted in the “doctoral path” of the Master 2 in Economics (Master 2 in Economic Theory and Econometrics).

Eiffel scholarships
Scholarships from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be awarded to outstanding international students from developing countries and Eastern Europe (1,180 euros per month, for 9 to 24 months)

Candidates who wish to be supported for the Eiffel scholarship will have to apply in November through our procedure (see Application deadlines).

“Bourses du Gouvernement Français”

These scholarships (also from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) are awarded through the French Embassies channel and Campus France offices. 

For more information and deadlines, visit the website of the French Embassy in your country or the Campus France website.

American Friends of TSE Excellence Scholarship
Funded by the American Friends of TSE, this scholarship will be awarded to one U.S. resident for his/her first and second Master’s years (2020 – 2022) at TSE in Toulouse. The total amount of the scholarship is 24,000 euros (allocated over two years). For more information about the scholarship and the application procedure (deadline April 10th 2020), please click on this link.

United States Department of Education: Federal loan deferment

Regular students at Toulouse School of Economics which is part of Université Toulouse 1 Capitole (Federal school code: 04266200 for deferment only) are eligible for the purpose of granting to an in-school deferment of repayment of Federal Family Education Program Loans and Federal Direct Student Loans.

For more information


  • Form to be completed (Students complete sections 1-3 of the form and the school completes section 4).

TSE grants (for M2 ETE students, doctoral track only)

Some TSE grants can be allocated to students admitted in M2 ETE “Doctoral track” (between 8,000 euros and 12,000 euros). Please note that the allocation of grants is part of the application process for the Doctoral Program. To apply, you must send an email to the Doctoral School once you have received your admission confirmation for M2 ETE (contact: Please attach a cover letter with the email, explaining your personal and academic background. The selection committee at the Doctoral School will meet in April or early May to review the applications and attribute TSE grants to the best candidates.

L’association Jean-Jacques Laffont grant (for Master 2 only)

The association Jean-Jacques Laffont allocates each year one or several grants to a student originating from a developing country and assigned according to merit (between 5,000€ and 8,000€).

Application process for the Jean-Jacques Laffont grant: if you have been admitted to a Master 2, you come from a developing country and you have an excellent application file, you may send a cover letter to the following email address (the deadline will be displayed shortly):

Students who have been successfully admitted in a Master's program, international track, at TSE, and have received a grant from the Jean-Jacques Laffont association, can be exempted from paying the 5,500 euros Master training fees (to the extent of 2 students per year).

Scholarships for PhD students

Research scholarships from the French Ministry of High Education and Research are granted to the best students coming out of the first year (Master 2 research). Beneficiaries must be 30 years or less at the time the scholarship is awarded (1,300 euros per month, for three years). Exceptionally, outstanding students not eligible for these scholarships can be offered equivalent fellowships by the TSE Program.

Bachelor programs first year : applications have to be done online on the French national platform Parcoursup.

Bachelor programs second or third year: please refer to the Admission section in French to know about the required documents for your application.

Please note that our Bachelor programs are taught entirely in French.

Our Master application guide for students holding a French degree will be available to upload here shortly.

The following documents are required to apply for a Master program first year or second year :

  • curriculum vitae
  • cover letter (in French for Master standard track and in English for Master international track)
  • transcripts of your undergraduate studies (official translations in French or English)
  • a copy of your Bachelor's degree or certificate of achievement
  • an English language certificate for Master programs - International track : TOEFL iBT 90/120 minimum, IELTS 6.5/9 minimum or Cambridge English Advanced Certificate level C1
  • a French language certificate for Master programs - Standard track : TCF level C1 minimum or DALF level C1 minimum

Applicants are exempted of submitting any English or French language certificate if :

  • they are English or French native speaker
  • they have obtained an undergraduate degree (2 years minimum) at a university in an English or French-speaking country

Other required documents are :

For Master program applicants holding a foreign degree: the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). No minimum is required.

Submitting the GRE is mandatory. There is no extra time allowed to submit your scores. Without GRE, your application will be considered incomplete and disregarded by the selection committee.

For external applicants (who are not TSE students): letters of recommendation from your academic referees :

  • 2 letters for Master first year
  • 3 letters for Master second year

These letters must be sent directly by email to the TSE Admission service by your academic referees - see FAQ.