Challenge for Corporate Climate Action

Do you want to join the fight against climate change? By taking part in this student challenge, you have a unique opportunity to help corporations to find solutions, as well as winning a prize, raising your profile, strengthening your future employability, and building a professional network.  

Getlink (formerly Groupe Eurotunnel) and TSE are inviting Master's students to submit innovative strategies, ideas or solutions that corporations can adopt to effectively mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Your proposals can encompass a wide range of possibilities, including marketing initiatives, financial policies or accounting tools, incentive policies, management strategies, product or service offerings that influence the behavior of employees, clients, suppliers or other stakeholders, as well as work routines and much more. You can address any aspect related to climate change and GHG emissions, such as mobility, energy, food production and consumption, manufacturing, services, recycling, technology, health, and biology. There are no restrictions based on sector or geographical area.

The focus will primarily be on the economic and climate impact your idea can achieve!

Up to five finalist teams will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a diverse jury of members including corporate executives, academics, and other experts in the field. 

The first prize awarded will be €3,000 per team, and the second best team will be awarded €2,000.

The challenge will take place between September 2023 and March 2024.

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Prize for the winning team: 3,000€ 

Prize for the runner-up team: 2,000€ 

All members of the selected teams will get the chance to meet with leading executives and high-level professionals on the occasion of their presentation to the jury.

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A team challenge

The Challenge invites teams of 2 to 4 students from higher-education institutions or universities based in Toulouse, enrolled in any Master’s program.

We also encourage the participation of students in double diploma programs, students on a gap year, visiting students, and diverse student groups, including students from other universities and schools within France or abroad (with the condition that at least one team member is enrolled in a school or university in Toulouse). 

Applications can be submitted in either English or French

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Selection criteria

 Submitted proposals will be judged on:

  • their impact on climate change,
  • their economic impact (on the corporate sector, society...),
  • their degree of innovation and their originality,
  • their feasibility,
  • their level of scalability.


The teams selected to present their proposals to the jury will be chosen by a preselection panel consisting of at least five academics associated with TSE or Toulouse School of Management (TSM). 

The final jury will be comprised of nine individuals with diverse backgrounds, including the CEO and CFO of Getlink, two faculty members from TSE or TSM, and other subject matter experts in the field. This jury may also feature a member of Getlink's board of directors, a TSE alumnus, the CSR Director of a prominent corporation, a professional from the banking and financial sector, and a journalist with expertise in innovation and sustainability. 

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Participation in this challenge is FREE. Travel expenses for the two finalist teams invited to attend the prize-ceremony in Paris will be covered by Getlink. 

Submit your idea



  • Complete the online form with a summary of your idea no later than November 20, 2023 (noon).
  • Use the TEMPLATE for the summary of your idea. Ensure that the entire document does not exceed 3 pages and is in PDF format. It may be submitted in either English or French.
  • At this step, your are expected to provide a description of your idea, of advantages and obstacles associated with your idea as well as of the potential users of your idea. Emphasize the economic and climate consequences in your analysis and keep in mind that your idea must be caracterized by its originality, feasibility and scalability too (selection criteria).

Present your idea to the jury


Up to five teams will be selected to present their idea to the jury. If your team qualifies as one of the finalists, you will be required to:  

  1. Submit a detailed comprehensive description and analysis of your idea not later than February 16, 2024.

This final report is not bound by any specific template, providing you with the flexibility to present your concepts in a way that best reflects your vision. While originality and uniqueness are encouraged, we offer some suggested points that may assist you in structuring your final report effectively. These are optional guidelines to help you in your presentation:

There are no page limitations, so feel free to include as much detail as necessary to effectively communicate your innovative ideas. Only make sure that your document is in PDF format and is submitted in either English or French. 

  1. Deliver a 10-minute pitch in front of the jury (online meeting), at the end of February - beginning of March 2024 (either in English or French). 

Join the prize ceremony

The members of two finalist teams will be invited to a prize ceremony organized by Getlink in March in Paris. The first and second prize will be announced on the occasion of this event.

Terms and conditions

By participating in this contest, you automatically acknowledge and accept the official terms and conditions of participation.

For any question: feel free to contact us at

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Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)

TSE is a centre for research and education hosting 2200 students and more than 150 international faculty including Jean Tirole, 2014 Nobel laureate in economics. Over the past forty years, TSE has emerged as one of the best economics departments in Europe. TSE is particularly renowned for its scientific contributions in industrial economics, finance, natural resources and climate economics and econometrics. 


Getlink SE (Euronext Paris: GET) is, through its subsidiary Eurotunnel, the concessionaire of the Channel Tunnel infrastructure until 2086 and operates Truck and Passenger Shuttle services (cars and coaches) between Folkestone (UK) and Calais (France). Since 31 December 2020 Eurotunnel has been developing the smart border so that the Tunnel remains the fastest, most reliable, easiest and most environmentally friendly way to cross the Channel. Since its inauguration in 1994, almost 490 million people and 101 million vehicles have travelled through the Channel Tunnel. This unique land link, which sees 25% of trade between the Continent and the United Kingdom, has become a vital link reinforced by the ElecLink electrical interconnector installed in the Tunnel, which helps to balance energy needs between France and the United Kingdom. Getlink complements its sustainable mobility services with its rail freight subsidiary Europorte. Committed to "lowcarbon" services that control their impact on its environment (through its activities the Group avoids the equivalent of 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 per year), Getlink has placed at the heart of its concerns the place given to people, nature and places.

>>> TSE and Getlink have been partners since 2021 and together they have created the Initiative for Effective Corporate Climate Action. This research-based initiative aims to promote an objective basis for dialogue between companies and all their stakeholders and to develop tools and activities to support the collective climate ambition.


For any question regarding the challenge, or if something is not working on the webpage of the challenge, feel free to contact us at

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