School Board Election

March 06, 2019 Campus

The School Board of the Toulouse School of Economics is to be completely renewed. For this purpose, elections will be held for students as well as for professors, researchers and members of the administrative staff.

These elections will take place on Tuesday 26th March 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Manufacture des Tabacs, E building, in room ME 001 for staff members and in the hall of the E building for students.

The School Board decides on all strategic aspects of the School: it rules on the course programs; gives an opinion regarding conventions, contracts and other general interest matters concerning the School; votes the yearly budget and guarantees the administrative and financial autonomy of the School.

The School Board meets at least twice during the academic year and is composed of four colleges: College A for professors (4 seats to fill); College B for other teachers (4 seats); College C for administrative staff BIATSS (1 seat) and College D for students (2 representatives + 2 deputies).

All useful information about the elections will be posted on the Intranet.