Regulating the Digital Economy Conference

February 23, 09:00 to February 24, 2023

Yale School of Management - Connecticut

The Regulating the Digital Economy Conference will be hosted at Yale University in New Haven, CT on February 23-24. This event flows directly from the very generative Regulating the Digital Economy workshop that Yale and Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) co-hosted in May 2022. We are delighted to continue the TSE-Yale joint venture on advancing the global research agenda on digital market regulation. This collaboration is a central element of our success to date and is a symbol of what we are all creating together: a global response to a global challenge.

Flashback to this conference.


Dirk BERGEMANN (Yale University)
Jacques CREMER (TSE)
Do-Shin JEON (TSE)
Patrick REY (TSE)
Fiona SCOTT MORTON (Yale University)
Katja SEIM (Yale University)