Causality Link-TSE Partnership


Since 2020, a group of TSE experts in economics, mathematics and finance have interacted with Causality Link's engineering teams with the aim of better understanding how machine learning and artificial intelligence change the cost of prediction and what this means for business.   

Causality Link is a AI-driven financial information technology provider. As such, its AI-powered research platform prov ides investors and analysts with the knowledge contained within millions of documents and other text-based sources. The partnership between Causality Link and TSE provides TSE's expert team with access to this data to conduct its research work. This collaboration raises new applied and theoretical challenges in machine learning, especially due to the complex nature of the data recorded by Causality Link. 

Causality Link is one of the partners of the TSE Digital Center and the TSE Sustainable Finance Center.

Research topics

  • Financial text clustering with macro-indicators with moden AI (NLP, machine learning matrix factorization) and data representation
  • Regression and classification (supervised learning) in Wasserstein space. Wasserstein Kernel regression.
  • Graph understanding analysis
  • Applied time series forecasting with transport distances.
  • Test streaming dataset and on-line learning