Master in Economics and Competition Law - Path Economist

The "Economics and Competition Law", Economist path Master's Degree provides students a solid background in economics,in econometrics and law, with a focus on competition policy. 

The first year is the natural continuation of the bachelor's degree "Economie et Droit".

In the second year, students can pursue a Master's degree in the "Economist" path.

Students are trained to model industrial relationships and to develop a strong ability to analyze and understand the functioning of markets and the behavior of market players, as well as to know and develop a rigorous legal analysis of competition rules.


 Program 2023-2024

M1 Economie - Economie et Droit parcours Standard

(Syllabi are regularly updated)



Compulsory :

Compulsory :


1 elective from 4: 1 electives from 2

End of August refresher courses - Math Camp:

  • Algebra Refresher
  • Probability Refresher
  • Static Optimization Refresher

*UE1/UE2. A minimum score of 10 out of 20 is required.

Bonus point

To practice a sport or a musical activity within the University orchestra during the year can give you bonus points. Only points above 10/20 are recorded

Programme 2023-2024

M2 Economie - Economics and Competition Law

Path Economist

(les syllabi sont mis à jour régulièrement)




2 electives from 3:


2 electives from 3:

Facultatif : 

    Internship or master thesis

* Math refresher courses opened to M1 and M2 students


First year admission:

  • student who holds a Bachelor's degree in "Economics and Law" from the School,
  • student holding a degree in an economic and legal field, within a recognized curriculum considered as consistent with the program and approved by the TSE selection committee.
  • students who hold French or foreign diplomas or credits considered to be equivalent and who can attest to a level of French language C1

Second year admission:

  • An undergraduate degree of at least 4 years of college or a Master’s degree is required, with a good M1 level in Economics as well as in Law. Admission is based on academic excellence. A good level in French and in English is required. 
  • Application:

    To apply to this master, select on eCandidatures platform:

  • First year: M1 Economie - Economie et Droit parcours Standard
  • Second year: M2 Economie - Economics and Competition Law double diplômant Economiste parcours Standard

For more details about requirement documents and application process, please see the Admission section.

For Enrollment and Fees, please see the Admission section.
Scholarships: Some Master scholarships will be awarded to Master students according to academic and individual criteria, see Admission section

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