Initiative for Effective Corporate Climate Action


In May 2022, and after a year of partnership, the Toulouse School of Economics and Getlink reinforced their relationship by launching the Initiative for Effective Corporate Climate Action (InECCA). This research-based initiative aims to promote an objective basis for dialogue between companies and all their stakeholders and to develop tools and activities to support the collective climate ambition.
TSE is thus pursuing its vocation to put economics for the common good at the center of its research and teaching activities, with the climate emergency on top of its priorities.  
This initiative is intended to address a variety of audiences and to provide food for thought and decisions, in particular for business leaders (from all sectors), stakeholders, public decision-makers (political leaders and administrations), students, doctoral students and researchers, and the media. 
The initiative, launched for two years, will encourage research and provide opportunities for discussion on a wide range of topics related to corporate climate action.

Getlink supports the TSE Sustainable Finance Center.

Research topics

  • Criteria and metrics for corporate and economic decarbonization actions
  • Efficiency and climate relevance of key levers for decarbonization
  • Analysis of fair and effective cost allocation
  • Ability of the corporate environment to effectively support its climate action
  • Impact of a company's climate strategy - and more broadly of its ESG strategy - on its economic performance, definition of the right scope of climate action in a company
  • Impact of the sustainability (climate value) of assets on their financial valuation and on their financing conditions
  • Integration of climate action in the life and governance of the company
  • Relationship between corporate climate action and public policies