FIT IN Initiative

Internal projects

We are pleased to announce that the following research projects led by TSE faculty have been endorsed by the FIT IN Initiative.

  • Emmanuelle Auriol – Financial Inclusion through Competition from Mobile Operators in the Kenyan Banking Sector: Is interoperability a booster or a deterrent? (with Alexia Lee González Fanfalone, OECD) 
  • Matthieu Bouvard and Catherine Casamatta - Agent interoperability and liquidity management 
  • Farid Gasmi - Digital payment systems in developing countries: Lessons from the experiences of Kenya, India, Brazil, and Algeria (with Radia Bacha, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Management)
  • Renato Gomes and Yassine Lefouili - Gate-Keeping at the Counter: The Regulation of Stacked Payment Platforms
  • Marc Ivaldi - Telecom Infrastructure Sharing: Evidence from the impact of tower companies on digital connectivity (with Georges V. Houngbonon and Davide Strusani, World Bank)
  • Andrew Rhodes and Milo Bianchi – Interoperability and Competition with Naïve Consumers
  • Vatsala Shreeti - Short Term Cost of Cash and Mobile Financial Services: Evidence from a natural experiment in India (with Helia Costa and Mauro Pisu, OECD)
  • Takuro Yamashita and Milo Bianchi – Interoperability as a dynamic public-good problem: A theoretical investigation
  • Sabrine Bair, Josepa Miquel Florensa and Hakan Ozyilmaz – Two-Sided Financial Technology Underadoption
  • Milo Bianchi, David Martimort and Stéphane Straub – Mobile Agent Networks: Competition and Regulation