La Poste Groupe-TSE Partnership


La Poste Group is facing new economic challenges as their postal operators are facing major changes in their working environment due to the arrival of new communication technologies. 

La Poste Group and TSE have been working together for almost 30 years. This research partnership with TSE, through theoretical and empirical contributions, is intended to provide academic insight into the issues raised by these challenges. 

Several research topics will lead to publications in scientific journals. The results will be shared with an informed public during seminars but also with the public during the annual FSR (Florence School of Regulation) conference and the biennal TSE postal and delivery conference.

La Poste Group is a member of the TSE Partners Club, and supports the TSE Digital Center and the TSE Infrastructure & Network Center.

Research topics


  • Cost savings and demand for parcel delivery service
  • Estimation of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis on postal activity
  • Econometrics of the demand for postal delivery of press flows by publishers

Economic theory

  • Environmental impact of parcel delivery 
  • Definition of relevant markets in the postal sector and regulation of the dominant position of postal operators
  • Taxation of digital players and the problems of tax optimization of GAFAs
  • Digital economy, personal data and trust
  • Silver economy and financing dependency