February 7th, Luc ROUGE's HDR defense

February 07, 2020 Research

Luc ROUGE will defend his HDR (habilitation à diriger des recherches) on Non-renewable Resources and Environmental Policies in the Long Run, February 7th, 2020, at 10:30am (TSE new building) Auditorium 5, level 2.

Memberships are:

  • AURIOMadame Aude POMMERET, University of Savoie Mont Blanc
  • Raouf BOUCEKKINE, University of Aix-Marseille
  • Lionel RAGOT,University of Paris Nanterre 
  • François SALANIE, Senior researcher, INRAE, Toulouse School of Economics
  • Jean-Pierre AMIGUES, Senior researcher, INRAE, Toulouse School of Economics


The studies presented here are at the crossroads of growth theory and environmental and natural resource economics. By using endogenous growth models with horizontal or vertical differentiation, we analyze the long-term evolution of economies whose activity is based on the use of non-renewable (fossil) resources that have a negative environmental (climate) impact.

We study how the economy exploits such resources in the long run as well as how this use affects the environment in various contexts, including the possibility to recycle the natural resource, the availability of renewable and clean resources, the availability of a carbon sequestration technology, or the coexistence of two different strands of research dedicated either to fossil energies or to clean energies.

We also analyze the impact of several types of climate policies: taxes on the natural resource or the polluting emissions, subsidies to abatement activities or research (dedicated or not), knowledge transfers... We generally characterize the socially optimal level of such economic policy tools and we study how they affect central variables such as output's level and growth, the level and dynamics of carbon emissions or innovation.