13 February: conference on eloquence by the association Say It Aloud

February 13, 2020 Debate

Say it Aloud invites you to attend a rather special lecture with eloquence and humor. After a purely factual presentation by two candidates, they will compete in inventiveness and eloquence to come and discuss a very appropriate subject within these walls :

Does being a Nobel Prize winner provide you with a nice role?

These two candidates will respectively have to defend with all their soul, all their intelligence and all their charisma, the positive and the negative answer. Whatever the outcome, a jury will proceed to the proper execution of each of the candidates and their speeches, drawing on the last vestiges of their bad faith to venture a critique. This jury will be without compassion, without good faith, without benevolence will have only one goal: To make you laugh. However, we cannot allow two unfortunate candidates to suffer such a barrage of blows without reacting. One way or another, nature will take its revenge and those who have been hunted will become hunted. A counter-criticism will, in turn, mingle with the dance, this time it is the performance of the jury that will be severely attacked, thus avenging the first speakers.

Thursday, February 13 17:00 - MB Amphitheatre II

We look forward to seeing you!

On this occasion, Say It Aloud will present part of the association's activities and will make you discover the difficult arts of public speaking and improvisation.

Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash