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TSE Reflect is a newsletter that shares our latest research news with decision-makers and TSE partners looking for concrete economic solutions. Once a month, we deliver analyses from our academic community on important current issues in the fields of competition, the digital economy, energy and climate, health, infrastructure and networks, and sustainable finance.

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TSE Reflect issues focused on sustainable finance:


#February 2024

  • How should we allocate capital and share risks?
  • Public debt as private liquidity
  • How can firms make healthier decisions?
  • What’s next for sustainable finance?
  • Building a better future - Interview of Harvesh Seegolam, Governor of the Bank of Mauritius
  • Invitation to the Climate & Biodiversity Conference

#June 2023

  • What lies beneath: Will truth-telling AI reshape society? By Jean-François Bonnefon
  • Do robots help us make better choices? By Milo Bianchi
  • Common Good Summit: Paying the price of inflation
  • invitation to the Investing for Biodiversity Workshop on Septembre 21, 2023
  • Annual report of the Center

#December 2022

  • 'How did India’s cash crunch affect mobile money?' By Hélia Costa, Mauro Pisu and Vatsala Shreeti
  • 'Ownership structure and firm risk' By Silvia Rossetto
  • TSE and HEC team up with ACPR
  • 9 sponsors unite in support of sustainable finance (FDIR)
  • TSE-SCOR Foundation for Science Journal: 'How should we manage risk in the 21st century?'
  • TSE alumnus Arnaud Grondin Collange Fund selector at Swiss Life Asset Managers France ‘ESG factors are a tool for creating value’

#April 2022

  • 'What's the value of cryptocurrencies?' By Christophe Bisière, Matthieu Bouvard, Catherine Casamatta and Bruno Biais
  • 'Does capitalism corrupt?' By Jean Tirole
  • 'Competing for the common good' By Marcel Boyer
  • FIT IN Initiative: Digital payments for all By Sabrine Bair and Hakan Ozyilmaz
  • TSE-SCOR Foundation for Science Journal, 'How will we care for the elderly?'
  • 'Europe must adopt a carbon price' By Stefan Ambec and Claude Crampes

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