Regular course: Antitrust in Platform Markets

October 8–10, 2020

Executive education seminar

Course objectives:

Economists at TSE have been at the forefront of economic research in platform markets. They have also played major roles in some of the most prominent antitrust cases involving GAFA – the Big Tech companies. In this course participants will work hand in hand with TSE economists to understand the economic principles underlying the functioning of multi-sided markets and learn how to assess the competitive or anti-competitive nature of different platform strategies.

Key benefits:

• Learn about multi-sided markets and their intricacies
• Assess recent cases involving Big Tech companies
• Discuss whether intervention is needed to ensure that these markets remain competitive and innovation vibrant 


Dr. Alexandre de Cornière, TSE
Prof. Daniel Ershov, TSE
Dr. Bruno Jullien, TSE
Dr. Jorge Padilla, TSE
Nicolas Petit, European University Institute
Prof. Patrick Rey, TSE