Working paper

Bargaining in River Basin Committees: Rules Versus Discretion

Michel Le Breton, Alban Thomas, and Vera Zaporozhets


In this paper, we introduce a game-theoretical non-cooperative model of bargaining to analyse project funding in the French river basin com- mittees. After sorting out some of the main theoretical predictions, we proceed with an empirical application to the subsidy policy of French Wa- ter Agencies. The theoretical model of bargaining is simulated for various risk preferences, and a reduced-form estimation of the distribution of sub- sidies is performed. We find some evidence in support of the predictions regarding the role of bargaining in decision-making for water management.

JEL codes

  • D10: General
  • D64: Altruism • Philanthropy
  • D91: Intertemporal Household Choice • Life Cycle Models and Saving
  • E21: Consumption • Saving • Wealth

Replaced by

Alban Thomas, and Vera Zaporozhets, Bargaining over Environmental Budgets: A Political Economy Model with Application to French Water Policy, Environmental and Resource Economics, Springer Netherlands, 2017, forthcoming.

Published in

TSE Working Paper, n. 12-324, July 18, 2012