Jean-Pierre Florens

Jean-Pierre Florens

TSE Research Faculty

Professor Emeritus, TSE

Research interests

Statistics and Econometrics methods : Bayesian statistics, statistical
tests, asymptotic theory, statistics of stochastic processes
Applied Econometrics : cost functions, microeconometric labor market,
game theory and industrial organization models
Applied Statistics: trafic forecast, bias in radar altimeter measurements


Jean-Pierre Florens is a Research Faculty and Professor Emeritus, University Toulouse 1 Capitole. He has made influential contributions to a wide range of different topics in econometrics and statistics, including treatment effects, Bayesian inference, econometrics of stochastic processes, causality, frontier estimation, econometrics of game-theoretic models, the GMM with continuum of moment conditions, the first rigorous treatment of the nonparametric instrumental variables regression as an ill-posed inverse problem, and more generally contributed to the development of the theory ill-posed inverse models in econometrics. He has published several monographs, including a rigorous first-year econometrics textbook, and has advised more than 50 Ph.D. students.


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