Jean-Pierre Florens

Jean-Pierre Florens

TSE Research Faculty

Professor Emeritus, University Toulouse 1 Capitole - TSE

Research interests

Statistics and Econometrics methods : Bayesian statistics, statistical
tests, asymptotic theory, statistics of stochastic processes
Applied Econometrics : cost functions, microeconometric labor market,
game theory and industrial organization models
Applied Statistics: trafic forecast, bias in radar altimeter measurements


Jean-Pierre Florens is a Professor of Mathematics at Toulouse Capitole University and member of IDEI. His research field is the statistical methodogoly of econometrics. His recent works are related to the statistical analysis of inverse problems relevent for structural econometrics. He collaborates also at empirical researches in industrial organisation. He has published several works and a large number of research articles. He had supervized numours PhD students.


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Marie-Hélène Dufour

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