New! RIDE: Research Institute of Innovation and Digital Economy

December 01, 2022 Research

Fudan-TSE Research Institute of Innovation and Digital Economy is a new collaboration between Fudan University in Shanghai and TSE.

On November 27th, 2022, held the launching ceremony with M. JIN Li, President of Fudan University, M. CHEN Zhimin, Vice President of Fudan University, and for TSE representatives: M. GOLLIER, TIROLE and STRAUB.

TSE has a long tradition to welcome Chinese PhD Students in Toulouse. Over the years, many outstanding Chinese students have performed at the very top of the class at TSE and have subsequently joined leading research centers in China and around the world. The Fudan University-TSE RIDE collaboration is a continuation of efforts to contribute to the common good by producing leading international research, and thus contribute to the academic excellence of both Fudan University and TSE.

This scientific cooperation is an opportunity to promote a better understanding of our respective cultures and reinforce the traditional friendship between China and France.