Renato Gomes laureate of an ERC Starting Grant

Renato Gomes, TSE-CNRS Assistant Professor, has been awarded prestigious funding by the European Research Council (ERC) for his pioneering research project "PLATFORM": Competition and Regulation in Platform Markets. 11 TSE researchers are currently funded by the ERC, making TSE the top ERC grant beneficiary in economcis in continental Europe.


Jean Tirole on Nobel Prize laureates Hart & Holmström

Toulouse School of Economics Chairman Jean Tirole, who has worked closely with both laureates since the 1980s and TSE Professor Thomas-Olivier Léautier, former PhD student of Holmström and Tirole, send their congratulations to the 2016 Nobel Prize laureates, Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström.

TSE faculty win top-level EU research grants​​​​​​​

TSE is delighted to announce that Daniel Garrett and Takuro Yamashita, TSE assistant professors at the Toulouse Capitole University, have both been awarded Starting Grants from the European Research Council, in recognition of their scientific excellence in the field of economics.  

New research suggests cheating on car emission tests is industry-wide

Major car manufacturers Volkswagen and Renault have recently been under fire for falsifying car emission tests. However, industry data analysed by TSE professor Mathias Reynaert and his co-author James Sallee (UC Berkeley) suggest that the whole industry has systematically rigged fuel economy tests in Europe in order to comply with strict carbon regulations. The researchers' data from a Dutch company, TravelCard NV, show clear signs of test result fiddling industry-wide. These results are in line with previous industry reports by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). 

Why self-driving cars are programmed to kill

24 June 2016, Toulouse, The prestigious journal Science publishes today the latest research by TSE-IAST researcher Jean-François Bonnefon on the ethical paradoxes of self-driving cars