Master 1 in economics (international track)

The 1st  year of the Master in Economics provides rigorous traning in the major fields of economics. 100% of courses of this program are taught in English. The objectives of this 1st year is to enhance the students’ general economics culture and to help them select the appropriate Master 2 in line with their career plans.

The 1st year of the Master in Economics includes 2 semesters. During the first semester, students attend 6 compulsory courses, one course of personnal development, one French language course and 2 electives. During the second semester, students attend 3 compulsory courses and 4 electives.

Syllabi are in the process of being updated. For information, here are all 2018-2019 syllabi (all tracks and paths included)


Program 2019-2020




2 electives:


  • Public economics *
  • Applied Econometrics *
  • Program Evaluation *

4 electives:

  • Advanced Macroeconomics **
  • Advanced Microeconomics ** 
  • Industrial Organization **
  • North-South Economic Relations **
  • Environmental & Resource Economics **
  • Time series **
  • Panel Data **
  • Corporate finance **
  • Market finance **
  • Empirical IO
  • Topics in food economics
  • Behaviorial and Experimental economics ****
  • Dynamic Optimization
  • Martingales theory and applications ***
  • Data Bases            
Optional courses

Compulsory International internship or dissertation                                                              

* Fundamental Courses
** Highly recommended by M2 directors:
- Industrial Organization : M2 EMO
- Environmental & Resource Economics : M2 ERNA
- North-South Economics relations : M2 PP&D
- Corporate finance and Market Finance : M2 in Finance
- Panel data or time series: M2 EEE
- Advanced Micro and Advanced Macro : M2 ETE
*** Student must have followed the course "Markov chains"
**** Student chosen Experimental economics at Semester 1 couldn't choose Behavorial and Experimental economics at Semester 2 (other way round)

Bonus point

To practice a sport or a musical activity within the University orchestra, or the participation in the module "professional life"  during the year can give you bonus points. Only points above 10/20 are recorded (please refer to the Welcome booklet).


  • Aimed at English speakers
  • Students should hold a BSc in Economics, Applied Mathematics within a recognized curriculum considered as consistent with the program and approved by the TSE selection committee.
  • For more details about application process, we invite you to visit the Admission section


5 500 euros/year + registration fees (256€) and social security (215€)
Financial aids: Some Master scholarships and fee waivers will be awarded to Master students according to academic, geographical or individual criteria.