Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize


Since 2005, Toulouse School of Economics organises the annual Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize which is awarded to a renowned international economist whose research, in the spirit of the work undertaken by Professor Jean-Jacques Laffont, combines both the theoretical and the empirical. The prize winner presents his or her work at a public lecture, in partnership with the city hall "Mairie de Toulouse".

The 2020 Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize 

This year the prize will be awarded to Matthew O. Jackson from Stanford University. 



Monday November 16, 2020

17:00 - 18:30 - Seminar: The Roles of Social Networks in Economic Inequality and Immobility

Zoom link for the seminar: - ID meeting 998 1195 0729

Thursday November 19, 2020

17:00 -18:30: Annual Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize lecture:

"The Dynamics of Social Networks and some of their Economic Consequences": How does information flow through a social network impact the functioning of a market?   How do markets affect people’s social networks?   How are technologies shaping global social and economic networks, and what are some of the consequences for trade, conflict, and polarization?   These are some of the questions that we will examine in looking at the dynamics of networks and their economic consequences. 

18:30: Award ceremony (in French)

Zoom link for the lecture and the award ceremony: - ID meeting : 985 8667 2962